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Falls, Fights Behind Most Eye Injuries

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Fights Behind Most Eye InjuriesNEW YORK – When you slip and fall, you hope you don’t land on your face. Unfortunately, thousands of Americans actually do – and it gets worse: you can injure your sense of sight.

A new study found that falls and fights are the leading causes of eye injuries. The study also discovered that the cost of treating those injuries is on the rise. According to Johns Hopkins researchers, treatment costs rose 62 percent in just 10 years.

Bronx slip and fall lawyers with Cellino & Barnes say eye injuries can be extremely expensive – costing more than $20,000 to treat.

“Your eyes are vital but sophisticated organs and too often, we see people suffer serious injuries in the Bronx,” slip and fall attorney Steve Barnes said. “Unfortunately, the treatment costs have gone up significantly – that’s why we suggest calling an attorney who can make sure you get the best recovery possible.”

In 2002, the median cost of treating eye injuries was just $12,430.

Researchers said falls were the leading cause of these eye injuries – with more than 8,400 hospitalizations. Fights were not far behind with 8,000. Car accidents, toxic substances, dog bites, and defective products were also in the mix.

According to the authors of the Johns Hopkins study, many patients deferred treatment for their eye injuries, even when they were severe, due to the high medical costs.

Bronx slip and fall attorneys at Cellino & Barnes say deferring treatment can be dangerous and calling a lawyer could save you unnecessary pain and suffering.

“When a patient refuses treatment, that injury may not heal on its own and they could develop severe complications,” Barnes said. “That’s why our attorneys fight to get clients the compensation they deserve – we want to see our clients get the treatments they need.”

Study authors wanted their research to draw attention to the high costs of these injuries and make it known that most of these accidents can be prevented. Safety glasses are “vastly” underused, one author pointed out.

When it comes to fights, attorneys suggest staying out of them. Diplomacy can settle disagreements in a much safer fashion.


Ankle Injuries and the Long-Lasting Effects

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Ankle InjuriesNEW YORK – From the moment you get out of bed, your day starts on your ankles. They support your body and help you get where you need to go every day. Whether you walk, ride a bike or even drive a car, your ankles play an important role.

When you twist your ankle, you may have been taught to ‘shake it off.’ Anyone who’s played a sport has heard this phrase and while many athletes live by it; the truth is even a small ankle injury can have long-lasting effects.

A Manhattan slip and fall lawyer at Cellino & Barnes says ankle injuries can have significant consequences, affecting a person years after an accident.

“Ankle injuries are very common in just about every accident that happens in Manhattan,” slip and fall lawyer Steve Barnes said. “Many people think they can ‘walk it off’ after an accident but ankles bear the weight of the entire body and even a minor injury can become severe if it’s not treated properly.”

The constant force on your ankle could make it difficult for the joint to heal, one study determined.

The study, authored by researchers at the University of North Carolina, analyzed collegiate athletes who suffered multiple ankle injuries. The study discovered that the athletes became far less physically active than others who did not suffer an injury.

According to the study’s authors, the brain re-wires itself to compensate for the injury.

“Some victims of a slip and fall accident may never walk the same way again,” Barnes said. “Injuries can be devastating and life-changing and that’s why it’s important to get the medical attention and compensation you need after any accident.”

New York slip and fall attorneys at Cellino & Barnes say the side-effects of an ankle injury may not be apparent immediately. It could take weeks, months or years to develop adverse side-effects but research has consistently shown that even a slight sprain can have long-lasting effects.

When you sprain an ankle, you’re tearing or stretching ligaments, doctors said. The stress causes scar tissue to form which then changes the mechanics of how you walk, run, bike, or move entirely.

Doctors suggest letting it heal – don’t try to ‘walk it off’ or run through the pain. If you’ve injured your ankle in any way, the best option is to visit a doctor who specializes in lower body injuries, such as a sports-focuses therapist.

There are a number of exercises that can increase ankle strength and mobility – like balancing exercises.

Doctors say, as with any muscle in the body, regular exercise is the most effective method of prevention.

When Falls Hurt the Most

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When Falls Hurt the MostROCHESTER, N.Y. – A slip and fall can happen almost anywhere, any time. In many cases, your injuries may not be your fault. In fact, most slip and falls can be prevented if people properly inspected and maintained their properties. Although most property owners understand the liabilities associated with hazards, these unnecessary injuries remain very common and expensive, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Recently, a Texas woman filed a claim of up to $1 million after she slipped in a local grocery store. According to the lawsuit, the woman was walking through the store when she slipped “on a substance that was on the floor.” The suit accuses the store of negligently failing to safeguard customers from hazards.

Rochester slip and fall attorneys at Cellino & Barnes say these companies can be on the hook for your medical bills and lost wages, if a court determines store managers were negligent.

“A slip and fall can be devastating for some people in Rochester,” slip and fall lawyer Ross Cellino said. “Victims constantly have to visit the doctor for therapy and check-ups and some may never recover from their injuries – obviously, all of this can be frustrating.”

In many cases, an injured person can recover past and future medical expenses by filing a claim but lawyers say sometimes that’s not enough.

“Some of these injuries can be life changing,” Cellino said. “It’s difficult for doctors to determine how well a person will recover from their injuries and exactly how long that will take, if they ever recover.”

Cellino says some victims may need to file a claim that includes pain, suffering or disfigurement. These claims could result in significant compensation for an injured person.

In any case, a consultation with a lawyer is free at Cellino & Barnes and victims of slip and fall injuries are urged to seek legal advice when attempting to recover monetary losses as the result of an accident.

Exercise Could Reduce Falls

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Exercise Could Reduce FallsBUFFALO, N.Y. – Falls are the number one reason patients are admitted to emergency rooms each year, according to studies. More than 8 million people are checked into hospitals after a slip, trip or fall and new research has found exercise could minimize the risk of injury.

The study, published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine, analyzed adults between 45 and 64 years of age. Researchers found that falls are the third leading cause of accidental death within this age group.

A Buffalo slip and fall lawyer with Cellino & Barnes says this type of accident can be costly and it may be covered by someone else’s insurance.

“The compensation and medical costs associated with a fall can cost an average of $22,000 for people in Buffalo,” slip and fall attorney Ross Cellino said. “Many of these accidents could be someone else’s fault and our attorneys do everything they can to get our clients the best compensation possible.”

Researchers are finding just how serious slip and fall accidents are: costing an estimated $91 billion in emergency care and compensation each year. However, their study had a bright spot; showing some of the injuries could be prevented with regular exercise.

The analysis of national data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that those who exercised regularly had significantly fewer falls and injuries than those who were not physically active.

Those who had exercise routines reduced their risk of injury by 6 to 7 percent.

“Exercising can provide clear benefits but sometimes these accidents happen,” Cellino said. “We encourage people to be physically active but if an accident happens, having a good lawyer on your team has advantages too.”

Researchers hope their findings will influence more Americans to increase their physical activity and guide policies to prevent trips, slips and falls.

The Level of Pain

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Level of PainROCHESTER, N.Y. – Take a guess at how many adults regularly deal with chronic or severe back pain… Think you got a good number? It’s 50 million. Yes, 50 million Americans are constantly suffering from pain, according to a study from the Nation Institutes of Health.

Researchers crunched data from nearly 10,000 people and found that about 56 percent reported having some level of pain in the past three months. An estimated 14.4 million people reported the most intense pain- chronic pain.

“Many of these people suffer from lower back pain and wrist pain as a result of injuries they suffered from an accident that happened right here in Rochester,” slip and fall attorney Ross Cellino said. “These injuries result in thousands of dollars in immediate medical bills – that doesn’t include any future treatments or surgeries a person may need.”

Rochester slip and fall attorneys at the Law Offices of Cellino and Barnes say injuries as a result of these accidents are costly and the pain can last a life time. Off the job injuries alone cost the nation at least $280 billion in 2012, according to the National Safety Council. According to a workplace safety index measured by a national insurance company, the annual direct cost of workplace injuries due to slips, trips and falls is over $11 billion.

Slips, trips and falls also send 9 million people to the hospital each year and this type of accident is the leading cause of worker’s compensation claims.

“These accidents are rarely thought of as severe, life-changing incidents but clearly, the statistics show they can be,” Cellino said. “One trip can lead to a broken wrist which can leave a victim battling chronic pain for years.”

More than 95 million workdays each year are lost due to slips, trips and falls. So, is it a surprise that so many Americans battle severe and chronic pain? Rochester slip and fall lawyers say it’s important to keep the future in mind. An experienced attorney can help negotiate a settlement that will help cover the future costs associated with an injury.

With chronic pain on the rise, a lawyer can play a major role in securing funds for future operations to help minimize the pain.

Summer Slips

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Summer SlipsBUFFALO, N.Y. – It’s a nice hot day in August. People are cooling off poolside, getting their cars washed and having an ice cream cone. Then, you hear someone scream: “oww!” They’ve slipped, breaking a bone or two in the process. The person may have even hit their head, causing brain injuries.

Buffalo slip and fall lawyers at Cellino & Barnes say accidents happen frequently and it doesn’t take much water (or other substance) to create a slippery situation.

“Soapy water from car washes, melting ice cream or a slippery deck by the water are known to cause serious injuries in Buffalo,” slip and fall attorney Ross Cellino said. “Summertime slip and fall cases are quite common.”

Recently, a Kentucky woman filed a negligence suit against Trump National Doral Miami. The woman is asking for more than $15,000 after falling on wet marble near the resort’s pool area.

Another case was filed against Norwegian Cruise Line after a woman slipped on the pool deck, fracturing her wrist.

In Canada, a woman and her daughter are seeking $1.1 million after they both slipped trying to flee a malfunctioning waterslide in an Alberta mall.

“Falls send over 8 million people to emergency rooms each year,” Cellino said. “It’s the number one reason people go to the hospital, so it can be a very common but expensive accident.”

Injuries due to falls cost an estimated $15 million per year in the U.S. and costs are rising. After any accident, Buffalo slip and fall attorneys suggest exploring your legal options to determine whether you can be compensated for your injuries.

Prescriptions May Lead to More Falls

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Prescriptions May Lead to More FallsNEW YORK – All it takes is a wet floor, a crack in the sidewalk or an uneven carpet to fall, which can lead to serious injuries (just ask The Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon). It is a common, but sometimes overlooked, cause of injury.

Statistics show that about one-third of all seniors who live at home will fall at least once each year. Each fall can cause broken bones, muscle sprains and potential brain injuries. Now, researchers are finding that popular over-the-counter medicines and prescriptions could increase a person’s risk of falling as well.

Scientists from Trinity College in Ireland studied over 2,000 older adults for two years. Researchers discovered that people who took anticholinergic medicines such as Alprazolam, Amantadine, Cetirizine, and Codeine were 2.5 times more likely to have a serious fall.

Manhattan slip and fall attorneys at Cellino & Barnes said the study should be a reminder for consumers to understand the medications they are taking.

“Thousands of people take these drugs every day in Manhattan,” slip and fall lawyer Steve Barnes said. “It’s important to read about the side effects and make sure the drugs don’t interfere with any other medications you may be taking.”

Anticholinergic drugs most often come with side effects such as blurred vision and drowsiness.

The drugs are used to treat a cohort of symptoms and conditions including depression, psychosis and, perhaps most commonly, allergies. It is believed that seniors are most susceptible to a fall while using these medications because of the way it interacts with other medications.

“Taking multiple medications at a time can amplify the side effects, especially when mixing over-the-counter drugs with prescription drugs,” Barnes said.

The side effects of blurred vision, drowsiness and dizziness can come on stronger than expected, resulting in a fall.

Doctors say if an individual does fall, it’s important to try to get up too quickly because it can result in loss of consciousness or light-headedness. If you’re hurt, have someone call 911. If no one is nearby, slowly crawl to a telephone and dial 911.

Many falls can result in serious and costly injuries but they are not always your fault. If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident, immediately seek medical attention. Afterwards, contact an attorney who can evaluate your case without charge.

Falls: The Leading Cause of Child Injury

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Leading Cause of Child InjuryROCHESTER, N.Y. – There are countless ways children can get hurt– and almost every parent will discover this fact of life. Whether it’s a cut, a scrape, a broken bone, or something else, emergency rooms across the country treat thousands of children every day but falls cause more injuries than any other incident.

According to doctors with the Mayo Clinic Health System, nearly 2.8 million children are treated after a fall every year. Researchers said most of those falls happen at home but children can get hurt anywhere: in shopping carts, changing areas, playgrounds, or playing near a window.

Slip and fall attorneys at the law offices of Cellino & Barnes urge parents and other adults around children to be mindful of the hazards of windows.

“Children can take a dangerous fall out a window and there’s an even higher risk when it’s summertime in Rochester,” slip and fall attorney Ross Cellino said. “Screens won’t keep children from falling out a window and it doesn’t matter how high or low that window is; every fall can be serious.”

Researchers estimate 14 children will get seriously injured from falling out of a window every day. Accidents like a fall account for hundreds of deaths each year and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, accidents are considered one of the top three causes of early childhood death.

“Some of these falls result in serious brain and spine injuries,” Cellino said. “If a child is on a bike, that child is much safer wearing a helmet and if your children are in a car, they’re much safer when they have the proper safety seat and they’re buckled in.”

Researchers found that falls caused nearly 40 percent of all head injuries to children between the ages of 2 and 12. The younger the child, the higher the risk; the same research found 77 percent of all head injuries to toddlers and infants could be related to a fall.

With summer in full-swing (and with windows open), Rochester slip and fall attorneys hope parents will take precautionary steps to prevent these kinds of accidents.

Snow Storm Causes Problematic Commute & Injuries

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Snow Storm Causes Problematic CommuteBUFFALO, N.Y. – The morning commute was compounded Monday when a massive winter storm moved east, hitting New York State overnight; causing slick and sloppy road conditions.

In many places, the storm was worse than expected and some school districts were caught off guard. Several schools in Western New York remained open despite having six inches to a foot of snow and blowing wind. Buffalo Public Schools’ Transportation Director, Al Diamico told WKBW-TV the morning commute was messier than anticipated.

“If we had a crystal ball, now that we know what’s happened, we definitely would’ve closed down,” Diamico said.

According to WKBW-TV, the decision to have classes Monday had several parents asking, “how long do our children wait for the buses outside?”

For the most part, businesses stayed open but very slow due to the snow-covered roads, which were hazardous for drivers and people outside their cars, trying to dig out.

snow1“This street was not been plowed all night,” one Buffalo resident said. “Cars and trucks just zoom by, packing the snow down even more, I can’t shovel out because of that.”

The same storm is responsible for dozens of injuries across the country. In Ohio, a Toledo police officer died while shoveling snow in his driveway and the city’s 70-year-old mayor was hospitalized after an accident while he was out checking road conditions.

“All types of accidents spike during winter weather conditions. We see everything from car crashes to slip and fall accidents and even medical accidents in Buffalo,” car accident lawyer Ross Cellino said.

Statistics show the risk of a heart attack greatly increases during cold weather and the risk of a car accident can increase by over 20 percent.

Slip and Fall Accidents Spike in Winter Weather

/ Personal Injury, Slip and Fall, Winter Hazards /

Slip and Fall Accidents SpikeNEW YORK – After any big winter storm, the snow and ice piles up and it’s the responsibility of homeowners and businesses to keep walkways clear of slippery patches, potholes and anything else that would obstruct your path.

In most areas, shoveling, salting and repairing isn’t just the courteous thing to do, it’s the law.

“Homeowners and businesses can get reported and fined,” Slip and Fall attorney, Steve Barnes said. “Unfortunately, thousands of people are hospitalized every year because someone didn’t clear a path for them.”

These accidents aren’t just happening outside in the elements but liability extends inside homes and businesses as well.

Just recently, a Louisiana woman sued a grocery store chain because she slipped on an “unknown substance” spilled in one of the aisles. Although the case doesn’t specify an amount, the woman is asking to recover medical costs, loss of wages, pain and suffering, mental anguish, and distress.

“Many times, there’s a buildup of slippery snow, ice and slush as you walk into your neighborhood stores,” Barnes said. “They’re usually responsible for cleaning that up before someone gets hurt.”

In just one year, medical costs of falls added up to $30 billion.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 2.5 million people were treated in emergency rooms after a slip and fall with a third of those accidents resulting in further hospitalization.

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