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Dog Bite Cases

Summary of “Dog Bite case”

John Looney shares the details of a dog bite case.

Dog Bite – Put Bull Attack – Transcript

One case that was particularly interesting to me involved a dog bite and it was probably one of the more unfortunate cases that I’ve been involved with.

This lady who is 89 years old is walking home from church on a Sunday morning.  This pit bull runs after this old woman.  My client literally scoops up the older woman into her arms and does her best to run into her home, but doesn’t make it because the dog latches on to her calf, her lower leg, and won’t let go.  She is admitted to the hospital where she stays for over a month.  She has four surgeries.

In New York State, you have to prove that the dog was vicious, and that the owner of the dog had reason to believe that the dog was vicious.  We did end up settling the cas

Client Thanks

I would like to thank your firm for representing our family on behalf of my late husband. This whole process was, at times, difficult for us and sometimes painful. But, we were always in good hands as Brian and Maria are two of the hardest working and sincerest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. They did a tremendous job.

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