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Truck Accident Fatality

Summary of “Truck Accident Fatality”

Rear End Accidents as almost always avoidable. Listen as David Goodman explains.

Wrongful Death – Truck Accident Fatality – Transcript

In New York, the operator of a motor vehicle has an obligation, has a duty to keep their vehicle under control at all times.  Unfortunately, a very common accident that we see is a rear end accident.  By definition, it is when the front end of one vehicle makes contact with the rear end of another vehicle.  They are almost entirely avoidable accidents and the law places a very strict duty on the vehicle following behind, to not make contact with the vehicle in front.Unfortunately, it happens, and in one particular case that I remember quite clearly, the family of a woman who was married and had four kids was struck from behind by a large, commercial truck.  She was stopped, waiting to turn left and the impact was so severe that her vehicle caught fire almost immediately and she perished in that accident.The law was clear that that truck had to be held responsible and accountable for what had happened.  We brought a case against the truck owner, against the driver, and through a very long process, we were able to hold them completely responsible for what happened.  That family, while they did lose a wife and a mother, at least were able to have some closure for what happened and her four kids will at least now have the ability to go on to college and have some financial security, despite losing their mom.

Client Thanks

I would like to thank your firm for representing our family on behalf of my late husband. This whole process was, at times, difficult for us and sometimes painful. But, we were always in good hands as Brian and Maria are two of the hardest working and sincerest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. They did a tremendous job.

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