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Study: Big Brother is Saving Lives

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Study: Big Brother is Saving LivesNEW YORK – They’re hated by many and some cities have already done away with them: red-light cameras. With a quick flash, drivers can get charged a hefty fine for running past one of them but a new study found that removing the cameras from New York intersections could have deadly consequences.

The study, conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, compared motor vehicle accidents at intersections in different cities, some with red-light cams and others that tossed them away. Researchers found that crashes go up nearly 33 percent after cities shut the cameras off.

A Bronx car accident lawyer says crashes at intersections are some of the common – and some of the most dangerous types of collisions, and red-light cameras have the potential to save lives.

“No one likes getting fined but if a driver knows there’s a camera at an intersection, they might think twice before running a red-light in the Bronx,” car accident attorney Steve Barnes said. “Even if red-light cameras prevent just a handful of crashes, it could save families from a lot of stress and grief.”

Dozens of communities have recently shut-down their red-light camera programs after complaints and allegations that the system is designed to make money rather than improve safety. While it is true that government agencies have benefited from the additional revenue, the IIHS study isn’t the first to show a correlation between the cameras and safety.

According to federal records, red-light-runners caused over 700 deadly car crashes in 2014 and injured more than 125,000 others, most of whom were occupants of other vehicles, passengers or pedestrians.

“We work with many families who are dealing with injuries and a lot of grief after a crash at an intersection,” Barnes said. “Not all of them drive a car; they can be bicyclists, runners, passengers, or children.”

The IIHS study also found an uptick in crashes at intersections that never had red-light cameras. Researchers found that collisions at all traffic signals went up 16 percent on average in cities that removed the camera program.

The finding suggests that red-light cams deter inattentiveness and overall bad driving.

Bronx car accident lawyers at Cellino & Barnes say distracted driving is now a factor in four out of five crashes and if a camera can prevent just one accident, it could save an entire family from the stress and heartache that are attached with severe car crashes.

If you or loved one have been injured by a red-light-runner, the Bronx car accident attorneys at Cellino & Barnes have a proven track record of getting their clients the best results possible.

Cellino & Barnes has offices across the metro-area and attorneys are available 24/7 by calling 800-888-8888. Give them a call or Contact Us today for a free consultation.

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