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July 4th Could Be Drunkest, Deadliest in Years

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July 4th Could Be Drunkest, Deadliest in YearsROCHESTER, N.Y. – Americans love celebrating the Fourth of July. It’s a time to kick back in a lawn chair with family and friends, throw some hot dogs on the grill, and throw down a few drinks. Unfortunately, a ‘few’ drinks can be deadly for irresponsible drivers traveling this weekend.

About 750 people lost their lives in crashes involving drivers who were over the limit, according to data collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration over a five-year period. NHTSA said these deadly crashes accounted for nearly half of all motor vehicle fatalities over the same five years.

Rochester car accident attorneys at Cellino & Barnes said drinking and driving over the holiday weekend is no way to celebrate.

Drunk driving could be a major problem this weekend in Rochester,” car accident lawyer Steve Barnes said. “The fact that the holiday falls on a Saturday could make the streets even more dangerous.”

The National Safety Council predicts that 409 Americans will be killed in car accidents this weekend and another 50,000 will be injured. If the council’s prediction comes true, this Fourth of July will be the deadliest Independence Day since 2008.

The council said higher levels of traffic and an expected increase in drunk driving attributed to its gloomy prediction.

“Anytime you get in a car, you’re taking a bigger risk this weekend,” Barnes said. “Even the responsible drivers who don’t drink could put themselves in the path of a drunk driver and there could millions of them on the road this weekend.”

In years past, Americans not only drove to holiday parties; they also downed about 70 million cases of beer last year, which is more than any other holiday (including St. Patrick’s Day and New Years Eve). With the Fourth falling on a Saturday, even more alcohol could be flowing.

Couple the alcohol with an expected 40 million drivers on the road (which is the highest in eight years), Barnes said some families could be ripped from their parties to make a visit to the emergency room.

Seniors May Have Lasting Pain after a Car Crash

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Lasting Pain after a Car CrashMELVILLE, N.Y. – One in four seniors will have lasting pain after being in a car crash and many of those affected will struggle with basic daily activities in the weeks and months after an accident, a new study finds.

Doctors say motor vehicle crashes are the second most common form of trauma among older adults. A research team headed by doctors at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has set a goal to prevent these types of injuries from escalating.

Long Island car accident attorneys at the law offices of Cellino & Barnes said chronic and persistent pain is a common problem after a crash but continued research could help millions of Americans recover.

“There are dozens of car crashes every day in Long Island,” car accident attorney Steve Barnes said. “Even a minor crash can take its toll on the human body and cause long-term side effects, including chronic pain.”

Researchers studied over 150 patients over the age of 65 and went to the hospital for minor injuries after a car accident. Patients with more severe injuries like fractures or head trauma were not included in the study.

Initially, more than 75 percent of the patients reported moderate to severe pain at their initial visit to the emergency room. Six month later, researchers found over a quarter of their patients were still complaining of a nagging, severe pain.

Barnes said whiplash is one of the most common injuries to adults who’ve been in a car accident. Whiplash, although it is not always immediately recognized, has been known to damage the spinal cord and cause lasting, severe pain.

“We represent clients who’ve been hurt in just about every way imaginable,” Barnes said. “The most common injuries however usually involve the head or neck.”

Researchers discovered similar results in their study: patients with the most persistent pain were likely to have suffered injuries to the head, jaw, neck, back, or legs. The study also discovered that patients who reported chronic pain were more likely to have had symptoms of depression before the crash and less education, compared to patients without chronic pain.

“Chronic pain is one of the nation’s most expensive health problems,” Barnes said. “Some of our clients are not only forced to live with this pain but it can also increase their risk of another injury in the future.”

Head trauma in particular has been associated with cognitive failures in older adults but researchers believe the best way to tackle chronic pain is to treat it early and increase physical activity.

All-America: A List of the Most American Cars

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List of the Most American CarsNEW YORK – Your clothing might say “Made in China.” A glass bottle of soda could say “Hecho en Mexico.” Even that phone you’ve grown so attached to was made somewhere else. More than ever, it seems, there’s nothing more American than Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet this Fourth of July.

Oddly, even the American automobile is becoming endangered. For the first time in history, fewer than 10 cars are composed of at least 75 percent domestic content (and those that made the list might surprise you).

In a study conducted by Cars.com, even the Ford F-150 fell below 75 percent when it came to its domestic parts. The truck was considered ‘most American’ in 2014 but a 2015 redesign sent the automaker looking to other countries for its truck parts.

Who took the top spot this year? Toyota.

  1. Toyota Camry (Georgetown, Ky.; Lafayette, Ind.)
  2. Toyota Sienna (Princeton, Ind.)
  3. Chevrolet Traverse (Lansing, Mich.)
  4. Honda Odyssey (Lincoln, Ala.)
  5. GMC Acadia (Lansing, Mich.)
  6. Buick Enclave (Lansing Mich.)
  7. Chevrolet Corvette (Bowling Green, Ky.)

Yes, the Toyota Camry is now more “apple pie” than Ford’s F-150.

The Camry, which is assembled at plants in Georgetown, Ky. and in Lafayette, Ind., supports nearly 6,000 American assembly-plant workers and more than 75 percent of the vehicle’s parts are Made in America.

New York car accident attorneys at Cellino and Barnes say auto recalls have also boomed during this trend of importing parts.

“Just look at safety and how many American automakers were affected by the recent air bag recall in New York,” car accident lawyer Steve Barnes said. “Nearly every major automaker was impacted by one company that made its parts overseas.”

According to some auto market gurus, the number of recalls exploded last year because different automakers are ordering similar parts from the same manufacturer. Japan-based air bag maker, Takata Corp. has been linked to over 50 million car recalls, all of which were equipped with the company’s airbags. So far, the recall has impacted 10 different automakers and many operate assembly lines in the United States.

Experts say the imported parts are, by no means, slowing down production in the states. Instead, the auto industry is expanding into a much larger global market.

“At one time, American automakers assembled, marketed and sold their cars exclusively to American consumers,” Barnes said. “That’s all changed and last year, a record-setting 2.1 million American-made cars were exported to different countries.”

Although more vehicles have fewer American-made parts, U.S. factories are booming, manufacturing nearly 12 million cars in 2015, up from 8 million in 2010.

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