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Buses Crash Inside Lincoln Tunnel, Driver Ticketed

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Buses Crash Inside Lincoln Tunnel, Driver TicketedNEW YORK – More than 40 passengers were injured when a pair of New Jersey Transit buses collided inside the Lincoln Tunnel on Monday Sept 26th. The crash caused major delays as traffic was funneled into the remaining lanes of the inbound tube.

Authorities said the two NJ Transit buses crashed when the 127 line rear-ended a bus on the 128 line. Both buses were filled with morning commuters.

The accident happened just before 9 a.m. in the center lane of the tube and at least 44 injuries were reported. No injuries were considered life-threatening and ABC 7 News reported that the most serious injuries included a broken jaw and an arm fracture.

Authorities said the driver in the first bus (128 line) was issued three tickets for improper lane change, careless driving and unsafe lane change.

According to a Port Authority spokesperson, shifting lanes inside the Lincoln Tunnel is prohibited and in this case, the maneuver was a direct cause of the crash.

This is a crash that could have and should have been avoided by all accounts and a prompt accident investigation could look at everything that may have gone wrong.

New Jersey policy requires each NJ Transit driver to have a physical exam every couple of years to show that they are able to operate a large vehicle safely. An investigation conducted by a New York bus accident lawyer should look at this record and other records associated with a driver’s history.

Even with a perfect record, bus drivers can often make errors due to distractions, exhaustion, medical issues or just a bad decision which can put a passenger’s health and safety at risk.

Passengers Reeshabh Agrawal, Josh Sibenik and Emily Sorokes described the aftermath of the bus crash.

Some passengers saw the imminent collision and braced themselves for impact, passenger Reeshabh Agrawal told ABC 7 News. At least ten passengers were taken to area hospitals and one passenger suffered a seizure.

Bus passenger, Josh Sibenik told reporters that the bus was moving at about 35 or 40 mph at the time of the crash and another bus passenger, Emily Sorokes, told reporters that the accident caused several people to suffer broken bones and other injuries while dozens of passengers needed ice packs.

Reeshabh Agrawal, Josh Sibenik and Emily Sorokes were just three of the 89 passengers on board the two buses.

The ten passengers who were treated on scene were taken to Weill Cornell, St. Luke’s Medical Center, Bellevue Hospital, and Hoboken University Medical Center.

Officials said 34 people refused medical attention but doctors have found that victims in many crashes may not be aware that they are injured and pain can sometimes develop or worsen over time.

When passengers do get injured, treatment is a must. In many cases, medical bills can quickly pile-up and victims may also need compensation for lost wages, missing time from work and for their pain and suffering.

An intense legal investigation can help maximize a crash victim’s compensation and spur changes to make sure similar accidents and injuries are avoided in the future.

According to the Port Authority, roughly 42 million vehicles travel through the Lincoln Tunnel every year and accidents on bridges and in tunnels, like the Lincoln Tunnel, cost commuters millions of dollars in lost time and productivity.

An experienced accident investigation team will look at many different conditions, not just the crash report. New York bus accident lawyers said a strong legal team will look at the road conditions, road surface components and the accident history of the roadway, bridge or tunnel itself.

The analysis should also collect public surveillance videos – such as the cameras on the bus and along the roadway. Other evidence could also be helpful; eye-witness statements, photos and other media that were taken at the time of the crash can make a solid case for those who were injured.

New York bus accident attorneys could also analyze the vehicle itself for possible mechanical flaws or visual obstructions that may have contributed to the crash.

In any accident scenario, legal guidance may be necessary to obtain the best result possible.

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