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Are Motorcycles Safer to Drive Than Cars?

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Our best motorcycle accident lawyer in Rochester explains why motorcycles carry more risk than carsROCHESTER, N.Y. — People who love riding motorcycles should always put safety first. A Rochester motorcycle accident lawyer says one of the biggest myths is that motorcycles are safer to drive than a car. Like other myths, there are statistics and facts to debunk this notion.

While many communities offer different advice about how to ride, it’s critical that these recommendations are accurate. With all of the inaccurate information surrounding motorcycles and false safety comparisons to driving a regular car, our best motorcycle accident lawyers in Rochester have debunked some of the most common motorcycle myths below.

Do Motorcycle Helmets Decrease Visibility?

Another popular piece of misinformation involves the field of vision of a motorcycle helmet. Many people mistakenly believe these helmets decreases visibility. This is untrue as the Department of Transportation (DOT) has safety guidelines in place which demand that there is a minimum of a 210-degree viewable area. This exceeds the normal 180-degree peripheral view we usually need to operate a motorcycle.

Are Highways More Dangerous Than Local Roads?

The reason highways create greater risks of danger relates to the high rates of speed motorists travel on those byways. The reality is there are more hazardous situations on smaller city roads and streets like:

  • Blind spots
  • Intersections
  • Hidden driveways
  • Children playing nearby
  • Off-street parking

Studies show that motorcyclists get into more collisions on the smaller streets than on highways. These town roads and avenues increase one’s probability of experiencing an accident, while highways have better-controlled flows of traffic and speeds. Riders who experience a crash should contact our best motorcycle accident lawyer in Rochester right away to protect against insurance companies trying to minimize the damages.

Do Loud Pipes Save Lives?

This is a slogan that gets repeated like a sacred mantra in the motorcycle community. You see it plastered on bumper stickers and pamphlets about bike safety. The reality is that the physics behind this statement don’t ring true. When you travel forward, the sound from your bike follows behind and away from you because the exhaust pipe points backward.  Pay attention to this phenomena the next time you see a motorcycle heading toward you and then as it passes.

Do Car Drivers Hate Motorcyclists?

How often do we hear that everyday car motorists do not pay attention to bikers? Many believe this, as evidenced by the number of accidents involving both vehicle types. Our best Rochester motorcycle accident lawyer says drivers often have a difficult time seeing motorcyclists on the road. That’s why it’s important to make them aware of your presence on the road, know their blind spots, and avoid them. Accidents often happen when switching lanes because it’s too late to change course once the driver realizes there’s a motorcycle in a blind spot.

Should You Lay Your Bike Down If You’re Going To Crash?

Many motorcycle riders recommend laying down the bike if headed into a crash. This rationale seems to stem from decades-old advice that applied to older generations of bikes that couldn’t stop as quickly as newer models. The truth is there are devastating risks associated with laying down a motorbike. Some of the significant injuries one can suffer from doing this dangerous maneuver include:

  • Severe road rash
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Sprained or broken limbs
  • Death

Physics demonstrates that the bike will continue traveling at high speed all the way to impact and will put the driver in less of a position of control. One should always hit the brakes and take whatever safe evasive actions are possible to avoid the collision.

Dedicated New York Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Motorcyclists enjoy the freedom of Western and Central New York roads and highways. Unfortunately, riders may have the wrong idea if they believe that riding a bike is safer than driving an automobile. From mistaken advice about the intentions of other drivers on the road to laying down one’s bike before the impact of a collision, recommendations based on incorrect information can cost lives.

At the law firm of Cellino & Barnes, we represent motorcyclists who have suffered serious injuries in an accident. For more than 60 years, our seasoned legal team has fought tirelessly to help our injured clients and their families get the compensation they desperately need to start the recovery process. As recognized Super Lawyers, you can trust our commitment to your rights and future when trying to recover damages for your case. Contact us today to have your case evaluated by our best motorcycle accident lawyer in Rochester and learn the next best steps for your situation.

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