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Showering A Challenge in Flint

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Showering A Challenge in FlintFLINT, Mich. – Every day is a challenge for those living in Flint. The city still doesn’t have safe drinking water and many question whether the water supply is even safe to bathe in.

Although state officials and government scientists say the water is safe for bathing, hundreds of people have reported skin irritation, rashes and hair loss after showering in the lead-tainted water. The complaints are so persistent that researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are investigating.

A lead poisoning attorney at Cellino & Barnes says most residents are convinced that showering in the water is harmful and some have taken extreme actions to bathe in cleaner water.

“It’s difficult to put into words what these people are going through in Flint,” lead poisoning attorney Joe Vazquez said. “Some are using their gym memberships just to use a shower outside of the city and others are bathing in bottled water.”

The most common technique is limiting the use of the public water. Residents say they’ll duck under the shower for just a few seconds or a few minutes – but many people are finding creative alternatives to avoid the lead-tainted water.

Last month, some residents waited in line to get their hands on a device called “Pump-N-Spray.” The device uses a foot pump to spray clean water out of a large bottle.

Some dermatologists investigating the cause of the skin irritation are lending their services for free. So far, they haven’t found anything that can positively link the number of cases to lead-tainted water but they’re not ruling out their prime suspect either. Around 70 percent of those with skin complaints were diagnosed with eczematous dermatitis; a rash often caused by allergies or irritation.

Doctors say the condition is often a result of cold, dry weather combined with stress, all of which have been very common in Flint recently.

“In just the last two years, thousands of lives have been drastically changed,” Vazquez said. “Families don’t have clean water to drink, to cook with, or to clean with – and they’ve seen many of their neighbors get sick from lead-poisoning.”

More than 80-percent of those living in Flint have admitted to changing their bathing habits due to the long-lasting water crisis, researchers said.

Lead poisoning attorneys at Cellino & Barnes say they’re regularly speaking with residents in Flint and are offering their legal services to those who have been impacted by the city’s water crisis. If you believe your health has been affected by lead-tainted water, contact an attorney today for a free consultation.

State Email: Water from Flint River is “Downright Scary”

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Water from Flint River is “Downright Scary”DETROIT – Hundreds of hard-working families in the community of Flint, Michigan are now seeking justice after they were exposed to dangerous and potentially deadly toxins for nearly two years.

Recently, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s office released thousands of pages of documents and emails. In at least one of those emails, sent in 2014, a Snyder aide called the water issue in Flint “an urgent matter to fix.”

Snyder did not declare a state of emergency in the Michigan city until last month.

A lead poisoning attorney at Cellino & Barnes toured the community on Monday and says residents deserve answers and they deserve justice.

“For nearly two years, families were told this water was safe to drink, safe to cook with and safe to bathe in,” lead poisoning attorney Joe Vazquez said. “Unfortunately, lab tests have found toxic levels of lead in their drinking water and in some cases, people have been infected with dangerous or even deadly bacteria.”

Michael Gadola, the governor’s top lawyer at the time, told state staffers in 2014 that he was concerned about the water situation in Flint.

“My Mom is a City resident,” wrote Gadola in a recently released email dated in 2014. “Nice to know she’s drinking water with elevated chlorine levels and fecal coliform.”

Flint had cancelled water service it was receiving from the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department as a cost-saving measure in April of 2014. Gadola recommended that the city switch back to Detroit’s water system because the idea of using water from the Flint River was “downright scary.”

After receiving Flint River water for just a few months, a General Motors manufacturing plant in Flint wouldn’t even use the water to clean its machinery because the water was found to be corrosive to its auto parts. The corrosion didn’t stop there.

The water, which wasn’t treated properly, caused the city’s iron pipes to corrode. As a result, lead leached into the water supply.

“The people in the Flint community trusted their government and their elected officials to protect them,” Vazquez said. “Instead, those officials caused hard-working families to suffer irreparable harm.”

Blood tests have revealed that many Flint residents have toxic levels of lead in their bodies. The city has also seen a significant spike in the number of people diagnosed with Legionnaires’ disease, a deadly illness caused by bacteria.

Lead poisoning attorneys are now helping the Flint community hold the state accountable for its negligent actions. Those who have been affected by tainted water are urged to contact a lead poisoning attorney at Cellino & Barnes immediately to discuss your legal options.

Some families could receive significant compensation for their injuries or loss.

Contact Cellino & Barnes today to learn more.

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