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The Most Common Nursing Home Injury Is…

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The Most Common Nursing Home Injury Is...BUFFALO, N.Y. – A new study has uncovered shocking data on nursing home care: premature deaths have spiked by over 400-percent in recent years, and nearly all of these accidents are preventable.

According to the research, conducted by Monash University, more than 80-percent of the deaths were from slips and falls. A common cause of injury in U.S. care facilities, a nursing home injury lawyer at Cellino & Barnes says the accidents are often preventable with the proper tools, staff, and training.

“We’ve all heard terrible stories about how some nursing homes are poorly managed, understaffed and sometimes unsanitary,” nursing home injury attorney Steve Barnes said. “The facilities with good ratings often have compassionate staff members and infrastructure that can improve a family member’s quality of life, but not all facilities are the same – and some have a history of accidents.”

Not only are accidents common in some nursing homes, but violence is also rampant. Monash researchers found that 1 in 18 of the recorded preventable deaths listed ‘assault’ or ‘suicide’ as a contributing factor.

The lead author also pointed out that the numbers are likely underestimated since nursing homes often misclassify residents’ deaths as “natural causes.”

“If a family member suspects a nursing home is abusive or negligent, it needs to be taken seriously and investigated,” Barnes said. “Our attorneys are trained and experienced with cases of nursing home neglect, and an extensive legal investigation could uncover problems others might have missed or looked over.”

While falls are the most common nursing home injury, there are many other accidents that can cause severe harm or death. From assault to providing the wrong medication, almost all accidents are preventable.

Nursing homes have a duty to provide a safe environment for its residents, and most have excellent safety records. However, the quality of care can be shockingly different from one facility to another.

“When admitting a family member to a long-term care facility, you want to make sure you’re doing your research and making the right choice for them,” Barnes said. “That can be a tough task when the information you need isn’t easily accessible, or it’s outdated. That’s why we created the Parent Care app – to help families with the difficult task of finding the right nursing home.”

Cellino & Barnes developed the Parent Care app, which can be downloaded on the Apple App Store or on Google Play, to help families research and compare nearby nursing homes. The app collects real-time data and analyzes each facility for key safety factors.

The firm also assists families who have suffered an injury or loss due to nursing home negligence. With offices across New York, the nursing home injury lawyers at Cellino & Barnes have handled cases in all 50 states, and they’ve helped their clients recover over $2 billion in settlements and verdicts.

If you believe a family member could be the victim of nursing home negligence or abuse, call the nursing home attorneys at Cellino & Barnes for a FREE case evaluation.

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Study: Nursing Home Residents Prone to Abusing Others

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Study: Nursing Home Residents Prone to Abusing OthersNEW YORK – More seniors are sharing homes than ever before. It’s estimated that 1.5 million people are now living in nursing homes and in many cases, sharing rooms with other adults with severe mental illnesses, including dementia.

Published in the Journal of Applied Gerontology, a new study found that residents suffering from dementia or other mental illnesses were more likely to be abusive; not just to staff but toward other residents as well.

“Resident aggression and abuse in assisted living facilities is prevalent and warrants greater attention from policy makers, researchers and long-term care providers,” the researchers said.

A New York nursing home abuse attorney at Cellino & Barnes says almost every bed in America is now full – and due to the demand for care, nursing home are no longer exclusive to older adults.

“Younger generations between the ages of 31 and 64 now make up more than 14 percent of the nursing home population in New York,” nursing home abuse lawyer Steve Barnes said. “Many of these people are suffering from mental illnesses and they can be aggressive at times – but we get concerned when nursing homes ignore that aggression.”

The study, published last month, compiled data from federal surveys in which nursing home staff members were asked about aggressive behaviors, which can include physical, verbal and sexual abuse.

Researchers concluded that roughly 8 percent of residents had engaged in physical altercations or abuse toward other residents or staff in just the last month. Verbal abuse was slightly more prevalent at 9 percent.

Of the residents identified to be ‘aggressive,’ those with dementia were five times more likely to abuse others and those with a severe mental illness were three times more likely to be involved in a verbal or physical altercation.

Researchers also noted that their estimates could even be low because some resident aggression could have occurred without the staff members’ knowledge.

“Many nursing homes have identified residents and staff members that are prone to aggression but facility managers do little to prevent future incidents,” Barnes said. “Moving a loved one to a nursing home is a difficult decision and while there are some amazing facilities in New York, others could be a nightmare and that’s why we created Parent Care.”

Parent Care is an app created by Cellino & Barnes to help families make the best decision when choosing a nursing home for their loved ones. The app allows users to locate all of the nursing homes in their area and provides ratings for each facility, as determined by federal inspectors.

The Parent Care app can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store or on the Apple App Store.

Seniors in Excellent Health: Their Secret

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Seniors in Excellent Health: Their SecretNEW YORK – Health is a chief concern for many people over the age of 65 but those who describe their health as ‘excellent’ or ‘great’ often have one thing in common: they live alone.

According to a report recently published in the Journal of Applied Gerontology, elderly individuals living with others – whether they’re related or not – were unlikely to consider themselves in ‘good’ health. Researchers concluded the two often go hand-in-hand.

A New York nursing home abuse lawyer with Cellino & Barnes says when seniors suffer health issues or their mobility begins to decline, they can often end up living with family members or in nursing homes where there’s an increased risk of abuse.

“There are many good nursing homes around the state but there are also facilities with a long history of neglect in New York,” nursing home abuse attorney Steve Barnes said. “For many seniors, living alone is not an option but they deserve to know what assisted-living centers will put health and safety first.”

Cellino & Barnes created the ParentCare app, where users can easily compile a list of nursing homes in their area. The app also provides comprehensive ratings and grades for each long-term facility so users can compare and contrast nursing homes to find the right one for their loved ones.

Although seniors value their independence, living alone can be risky. In fact, while seniors reported healthier lifestyles when they’re living alone, researchers said solitary situations do have drawbacks.

Those who shared a home with a spouse or partner were not likely to report any concerns with their psychological or mental health. The finding mirrored previous studies on the same subject.

The study’s lead author said the research indicates that families may be faced with the choice to help seniors with their physical health or psychological wellbeing depending on their loved one’s living situation.

“With this recent study and news of nursing home abuse across the nation, choosing the right long-term care situation is an important task for every senior,” Barnes said. “A nursing home could add valuable years to a person’s life or it could be a nightmare; although it would be nice if all nursing homes provided the same level of care the truth is, they don’t.”

The New York nursing home abuse lawyers at Cellino & Barnes have represented victims of nursing home neglect for over 50 years. They’ve helped many families get justice; and with the ParentCare app, Cellino & Barnes hopes seniors will find the long-term care facility that best fits their needs.

The app can be downloaded on the iTunes Store or at the Google Play Store.

If you or a loved one has been abused or neglected in a nursing home, contact our New York nursing home abuse attorneys today for a free case evaluation.

Find a Nursing Home in Your Area with Parent Care

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Parent CareNEW YORK – It doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone, an Android smartphone – or now, just a computer. You have the ability to find detailed information on the best nursing homes in your area.

Found on the Apple App Store or on the Google Play Store, the Parent Care app is an excellent tool for families thinking about long-term care. All of the information available on the app is now online at Parent-Care-App.com.

Cellino & Barnes introduced the Parent Care app and its website in an effort to help families compare and contrast nursing homes so they can feel confident their loved one will receive the care that he or she needs.

“It’s estimated that over 40 percent of nursing home patients have been a victim of neglect or abuse,” nursing home negligence attorney Ross Cellino said. “Since abuse is so common in nursing homes, we wanted to give families a tool they could use to help find the highest-rated facilities in their area.”

Parent-Care-App.com offers ratings for every nursing home that is registered with Medicare. Based on a 5-star system, the ratings include:

  • Health Inspection History
  • Quality Measurements
  • Staff Rating
  • Nursing Staff Quality
  • And an Overall Rating

The site also has detailed information on each nursing home including the number of hours staff spends on patients each day and the number and cost of penalties a nursing home has incurred.

“The information on the Parent Care app on Parent-Care-App.com was collected from a trusted resource, Medicare,” Cellino said. “We wanted to give families all the information we could find on an easy-to-use app and website because choosing a nursing home is an important decision.”

The website and app also have guidelines and helpful suggestions for families who are looking at nursing homes or already have a loved one in a long-term care facility. Cellino & Barnes offered tips on how to choose a nursing home and how families can afford long-term care.

For those who suspect abuse or neglect, the Parent Care app and website explain how a family can report a nursing home and what to do if a loved one is injured.

“Neglect and abuse are very serious and the warning signs are often difficult to identify,” Cellino said. “Whether it’s verbal abuse, physical abuse or neglect like dehydration or infections, there are ways to identify these wrongdoings and hold nursing homes responsible.”

The nursing home neglect lawyers at Cellino & Barnes urge anyone to report neglect or abuse – even if it’s just a suspicion.

If your family member has ever been injured or suffered abuse in a nursing home, contact Cellino & Barnes today for a free consultation.

The Key to a Better Nursing Home

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The Key to a Better Nursing HomeNEW YORK – In today’s corporate world, businesses and brands are like trading cards: they’re bought and sold at a rapid pace. Even nursing homes are switching hands between corporate owners – with some of the transactions occurring just months apart. In many cases, it’s raising questions about the quality of care residents are receiving in New York nursing homes.

According to a Harvard study published this week, several corporations are targeting nursing homes with histories of health and safety violations – and the difficulties tend to persist far after the purchase is complete.

A nursing home negligence attorney at Cellino & Barnes says the report’s findings highlight the need for transparency in an industry notoriously plagued by health and safety concerns.

“If a corporation buys a troubled long-term care facility, one would expect the new owner to improve the quality of life there,” nursing home negligence lawyer Ross Cellino said. “That’s not always happening; and in many cases, families don’t even know the facility was sold.”

The Harvard study analyzed data from thousands of nursing home transactions between 1993 and 2010. According to the research, around 1,500 nursing homes changed hands every year. That’s about 26-thousand transactions.

The sales typically involved corporate chains.

Researchers said their study found a direct link between the number of times a facility was sold to the number of deficiencies.

Nursing homes with steady ownership had fewer problems.

Facilities that changed hands several times were found to have a long list of issues.

Study authors noted that the transactions themselves did not necessarily bring the quality of life down. Instead, they concluded the transactions were a tell-tale sign of a problematic nursing home.

“Nursing home sales are often accompanied by leadership and staff changes,” Cellino said. “Such changes can be hard on nursing home residents and their routines can sometimes have drastic changes.”

The Harvard study did not say why there was such a high-rate of turnover in the nursing home industry but previous research has often linked this to frequent changes in government policies.

One analysis claims safety problems arise in facilities with higher profit margins. Authors of that study claim for-profit facilities spend less on resident care, resulting in a lower quality of care.

In many states, a nursing home sale may require a public hearing if residents and families petition their state health department but health officials say these transactions are rarely contested.

The nursing home attorneys at Cellino & Barnes have studied the issue themselves and developed the Parent Care app to provide families with more information about area nursing homes and their violation histories.

You can learn more about the Parent Care app or download it here.

Finding the Best Nursing Home

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Parent Care AppNEW YORK – More Americans require long-term care than ever before; and as the U.S. population ages, the demand for this care is expected to rise.

By 2040, more than 2.5 million people will need nursing home services.

It is estimated that there are over 16,000 long-term care facilities across the nation. Although there are many great homes with superb service, there are also several poorly managed facilities with repetitive violations. These homes can sometimes put your loved one in a dangerous situation.

To avoid this unfortunate reality, the Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys at Cellino & Barnes created the Parent Care App.

“Our goal was to create a go-to source for families to find the best nursing homes in their area,” Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Steve Barnes said. “The app gives families all the information they need about a nursing home and its health history – and it puts all this information in the palm of your hands.”

The app collects and analyzes current data and health inspection reports from nursing homes across the country. If a long-term care facility is under-staffed or has had health inspection violations, Parent Care’s ‘Star Rating’ system will give you a summary.

“No one wants to send a loved one to a dysfunctional nursing home wrought with abuse and mistreatment,” Barnes said. “The Parent Care app can identify the high-quality facilities in your area and help families make the best decisions when they’re choosing a nursing home.”

The Parent Care App is available on the iTunes App Store and on the Google Play store.

Tackling Nursing Home Negligence

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Tackling Nursing Home NegligenceNEW YORK – You may be thinking about a nursing home for a loved one, possibly yourself and the options may seem endless. Many nursing homes are highly rated and have outstanding reviews from patients and their families but there are many other nursing facilities with health and safety violations, among other problems.

In 2008, a Brooklyn nursing home was kept so cold during the winter that one of its patients froze to death inside an apartment. The patient’s family claimed they were blocked from visiting for the eight months the man lived at the Park Slope facility, which has since been the subject of several lawsuits.

The nursing home agreed to pay the deceased patient’s family $750,000 in a settlement.

“Since assisted living facilities are not only abusive to patients but some may be operating without a license in Brooklyn,” wrongful death attorney Steve Barnes said. “We’re urging everyone to research nursing homes before enrolling a loved one at one of these facilities.”

One study suggests elders are abused at one in every three nursing homes but this may even be a conservative estimate.

Barnes says while there are several warning signs that a nursing home is abusive or neglectful, many more warning signs may be overlooked by medical professionals due to a lack of training on abuse recognition.

“Many employees at nursing homes have openly admitted that some of these facilities are understaffed and undertrained,” Barnes said. “This can lead to an unsafe workplace setting and expose patients to negligence and abuse.”

The problem is so prevalent among nursing homes that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommended new federal standards to guarantee patients a minimum of two hours of care each day. The federal study claims more than half of all long-term care facilities currently fail to meet that requirement.

Brooklyn wrongful attorneys say they are disturbed by the growing trend of nursing home abuse. Lawyers say if you believe a nursing home is abusive or neglectful to a family member or another patient, contact your state’s department of health and speak with an attorney to force the issue and create a safe environment for all patients requiring assisted care.

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