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Locating a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Queens

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NEW YORK – Roadways in Queens are designed to be used by everyone — motorists, cyclists, pedestrians, and anyone else who needs to get around. Everyone shares the responsibility to follow road rules, yet the people operating the heaviest machinery like cars and trucks must pay closer attention to everyone else sharing the road.

Although there are laws dictating the rules of the road for each type of user, accidents are a common occurrence. Distractions like cell phones, food, and even passengers lure drivers’ eyes away from the road. Unfortunately, pedestrians involved in car accidents suffer the most, even in low-speed collisions.

How to Find a Quality Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Queens

Pedestrian accident cases are fairly common in and around New York City. In Queens, a large percentage of residents travel on foot; therefore, the odds of becoming injured and requiring the services of a quality accident lawyer are high. If you’ve been injured in a pedestrian accident, these tips might help you find the best lawyer for your case.

  1. Find a lawyer who has handled cases similar to yours. In most instances, personal injury lawyers who dedicate a large portion of their practice to car accidents are qualified to handle pedestrian accidents. When researching personal injury lawyers in Queens, be sure to ask if they have successfully recovered compensation on behalf of pedestrians, and review some of their case results.
  2. Seek recommendations from friends and family. It is not only possible but likely that someone in your social circle has been involved in a motor vehicle accident at some point in her life. Don’t hesitate to ask for referrals and find out what your friend liked best about her attorney.
  3. Scour lawyer directories. Lawyer directories can sometimes provide comprehensive profiles that show each attorney’s biography, focus, helpful information, and even testimonials from previous clients that can help you get a feel for his or her practice. At the very least, these directories should provide contact information and a link to the attorney’s website so you can learn more.
  4. Search online for pedestrian accident lawyers in Queens. A good place to get started is a Google search. While you will likely see dozens of results, review each website’s information and make a shortlist of a handful of attorneys you’d like to meet in person for a free consultation.

At Cellino & Barnes, we frequently assist pedestrians in getting the compensation they need from the entities responsible for hurting them. Our attorneys focus on providing aggressive representation for injured parties, so that they may receive the reward they deserve to move on with their lives after a severe accident. Schedule a free consultation to discover why our team is an ideal choice for resolving your Queens personal injury case.

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Where Do Most Pedestrian Accidents Happen? | Accident Attorneys NY

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NEW YORK – Cities across New York State have made pedestrian safety a top priority. New York City has invested millions of dollars into its streets and infrastructure in an attempt to curb the number of car accidents. As other cities try to duplicate this plan, it’s important to ask, “Where Do Most Pedestrian Accidents Happen?”

According to a car accident lawyer, New York has unique challenges when it comes to making the streets safer. It’s not just important to look at where pedestrian accidents happen, but when.

Where Do Most Pedestrian Accidents Happen?

Pedestrian accidents happen most frequently at busy intersections during the summer months. Although the majority of these accidents occur during the day, there’s a higher risk of getting struck by a vehicle at night.

According to our car accident lawyer, New York’s busy intersections are particularly dangerous because there’s a mix of heavy foot traffic and cars. Some of the busiest intersections in the country are also considered some of the most dangerous.

Why Is The Summertime More Dangerous?

There’s so much happening during the summer months. Families are planning road trips, shuttling children to and from baseball practices, and it seems like every weekend, it’s another birthday bash.

It’s also a very dangerous time of year.

The warm weather and sunshine bring more crowds to outdoors. More crowds mean more traffic. And more traffic usually means more accidents.

Why Is Nighttime More Dangerous For Pedestrians?

Roughly half of all accidents occur at nighttime. But considering traffic is greatly reduced overnight, this fact shows just how dangerous the streets can become after sunset.

Drivers rarely adjust their speed for nighttime travel, and limited visibility can make it difficult for a driver to identify a pedestrian at night. That’s why our New York car accident lawyers have made the following recommendations for pedestrians walking at night:

  • Wear Reflective Clothing. You want to be visible so drivers can see you and adjust their driving habits to avoid a potential accident.
  • Use The Sidewalk or Pedestrian Pathway. Stay as far away from traffic as possible. A pedestrian accident is most likely to happen on the roadway itself.
  • Avoid Areas Without Lights. Visibility is key at night. Not only do street lights allow you to see more, but they also help drivers see you.
  • Tell A Family Member Or Friend Where You’re Going. Tell a family member where you’re going and when you expect to be back.
  • Be Alert At All Times. We all know drivers can get distracted, but so can pedestrians. One misstep could lead to a terrible accident.

There are bad drivers in every city. Even when you follow these pedestrian safety guidelines, accidents can happen.

If you or a loved one has been hit by a vehicle or injured in a car crash, you can trust the team of experienced car accident lawyers at Cellino & Barnes to help you get compensation for your injuries. Call an experienced car accident lawyer in New York for a FREE case evaluation.

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The Shoes on the Street More Dangerous than Wheels

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Shoes on the Street More Dangerous than WheelsNEW YORK – In a city of more than 8.4 million people, the statistics may be surprising: the Big Apple doesn’t have a lot of car accidents per capita. The obvious answer to this anomaly is due to the high percentage of people who walk or use transportation and in those categories, injuries are way up.

According to data from the New York Police Department, about 64 percent of all fatal car crashes in Manhattan involved a pedestrian. In comparison, the state’s second largest metropolitan area, Buffalo, only 20 percent of its car crash fatalities were people outside a vehicle.

“It’s more dangerous walking around now than ever before because there are so many more distractions to take a driver’s attention off the road and these kinds of accidents are starting to be widely publicized in Manhattan,” car accident lawyer Steve Barnes said.

Recently, the New York Post reported on a woman who was ‘sandwiched’ between two cabs, severely injuring her legs. The NYPD will conduct an official investigation but witnesses told reporters one of the cab drivers was distracted.

It’s not the first time this kind of accident happened on Manhattan streets. Every year, nearly 3,000 people are hit by a car in New York City.

“These victims are often defenseless,” Barnes said. “There’s no airbag, no seatbelt and no bumper to absorb the impact; these are very, very serious injuries.”

There is some good news: last year, 132 pedestrians died in traffic accidents, according to the New York Times. The number is a historic low for New York City following the introduction of the Vision Zero plan. The approach views all car accidents as preventable injuries and the plan’s goal is to eliminate all traffic deaths by 2024.

Risks Rise for Elderly Pedestrians

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Risks Rise for Elderly PedestriansNEW YORK – Millions of Americans use public sidewalks as a safe way to get where they’re going every day but according to a recent New York Times blog, millions more dramatically increase their risk of a pedestrian accident injury.

Those 65 and older make up 13 percent of the population but account for about 20 percent of pedestrian deaths, according to a recent AARP study.

The Times writes not only are older adults at the mercy of cars and trucks on the road while using footpaths, the curbs themselves can be dangerous and even deadly for them.

Many of the accidents involving elderly pedestrians don’t just involve motor vehicles but bicyclists, sidewalk obstructions (snow and ice), and poor street designs are also cited as attributing factors to the spike of injuries in the pedestrian population.

Just this week, an elderly man was critically injured while he was crossing the street in Cheltenham Township, Penn.

Another 86 year old was struck in Morton Grove, Ill.

And an 84 year old Geneseo, NY woman was injured while getting her mail.

Those are just a few of the accidents involving elderly pedestrians. Since most roadways are unlikely to change anytime soon, experts suggest both drivers and pedestrians heighten their awareness while on the roads and the sidewalks.


City agrees to settle in negligence lawsuit

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City agrees to settle in negligence lawsuitThe city of Houston has reached a settlement with a man who claims he was struck by a car the Houston police chief was driving.

According to The Houston Chronicle, a negligence lawsuit accuses Police Chief Charles McClelland of failing to take evasive action when he hit a man who was walking across the street near Houston Police headquarters.

Court records show a settlement was reached on Wednesday but the terms were not disclosed.

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