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Long Island Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

There are many different situations that can lead to a collision involving a motorcycle and car. While not all are preventable, a Long Island motorcycle accident lawyer says there are some additional steps a rider can take to help avoid accidents on the road. Whether one is a new rider or a seasoned veteran, traffic situations that require smart and decisive action to avoid disaster can appear to fall from the sky.

Take Extra Precautions at Intersections Where Cars Turn Left

All too often, motorists driving cars simply don’t look out for motorcycles on the road with them. Left-handed turns that result in front-end impacts are a result of not seeing the oncoming bike in the cross-traffic or even misjudging the rate of speed of the vehicles. If you’re approaching an intersection where you can see cars waiting to turn left, take extra precautions before zipping past them.

Avoid Sudden Stop Situations

How many times have you been cruising along comfortably and pacing the vehicle ahead of you when it suddenly comes to a sudden stop for no apparent reason? This could happen as a result of the driver not realizing traffic ahead of them had slowed or stopped, or an animal ran across the street in front of them. The car may have the ability to slam on their brakes to avoid the situation, but your bike will likely lock up its brakes and send you flying into that stopped vehicle. Keep enough distance for sudden stops at all times.

Oncoming Traffic Clips You

If you ever ride a bike or car around a curve, you know how often drivers hug the middle line. This creates a scenario where oncoming traffic could potentially clip you and send your bike out of control. Getting hit by a side mirror on over-sized farm trucks happens all the time and when coupled with a curve, it’s easy to lose control of your motorcycle and wreck. This is especially true of narrow and one-lane roads, so allow a lot of space and be aware of lane positioning when hitting curves.

Road Hazard Awareness

When traveling in a regular neighborhood or on NYC highways, road hazards like gravel, potholes and roadkill often catch drivers by surprise, causing them to swerve instinctively. Again, there likely isn’t any awareness of motorcycles in play when this occurs and you may have a vehicle smash into you as a result. Try to survey any potential hazards on the roadway so you remain aware of sudden maneuvers by other motorists to avoid them.

Don’t Ride Close to Parked Vehicles

Off-street parking creates a hazardous situation for any vehicle due to the potential for an unaware passenger or driver opening their car door right into the traffic path. When riding down narrow streets or in shopping areas with off-street parking situations, do not ride close to those vehicles to avoid a door suddenly impacting your bike.

Cars Changing Lanes

Changing lanes is a common cause of high-speed motorcycle accidents. A collision occurs when a car simply changes a lane and doesn’t see the bike rider next to them. Often, the motorist is only paying attention for other automobiles in the new lane and a motorcycle isn’t on their mind at all. The consequences of these crashes can include death for the motorcyclist, so it’s critical to maintain vigilant awareness of traffic flow and movement ahead of you, and behind you in your mirrors.

Seasoned Long Island Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Despite the number of precautions we take when riding a motorcycle, we can’t avoid every hazard that comes our way. Crashes involving motorcyclists and other vehicles can have deadly results, so it’s important to take extra steps to be aware of your surroundings while traveling.

The law firm of Cellino & Barnes has Long Island motorcycle accident lawyers who’ve represented motorcyclists and their families after collisions with other cars. Many of these accidents result in serious and life-changing injuries. Our seasoned legal team fights on behalf of our clients to get the compensation they deserve because of another driver’s negligent driving. As recognized Super Lawyers, you can rely on our dedication to protecting your rights and future care when pursuing damages for your case. Contact us today to have your case evaluated by our best Long Island motorcycle accident lawyer and find out how we can help with your situation.

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Client Thanks

I would like to thank your firm for representing our family on behalf of my late husband. This whole process was, at times, difficult for us and sometimes painful. But, we were always in good hands as Brian and Maria are two of the hardest working and sincerest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. They did a tremendous job.

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