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Manhattan Construction Accident Lawyer

Beautiful skylines and a vibrant tourism industry help create New York City’s amazing history of construction feats that set it apart from the rest of the United States. Despite its aesthetic appeal, the NYC skyline has come at a costly price. According to the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction employees accounted for nearly 27% of job-related fatalities despite these workers only amounting to 5 percent of NYC’s entire workforce.

These statistics highlight just how dangerous the construction industry has become in the Big Apple. These dangers are why it’s vital to hire the experienced Manhattan construction accident attorneys at Cellino & Barnes, who work with state construction law and personal injury trial practices every day.

Common Types of Construction Site Injuries

From working at elevated heights thousands of feet above the city streets to operating heavy equipment in newly developed work zones, experienced construction workers are in high demand. Fortunately, the city has implemented stringent safety regulations to mitigate the increase in job site injuries. However, every year falls from elevation at construction sites continue to lead other risk factors for deaths on the job.

The New York City Health Department Bureau of Vital Statistics noted that some of the most common causes of construction accident deaths were:

  • Falling from large heights
  • Scaffolding falls
  • Ladder slips and falls
  • Falling off rooftops
  • Getting injured by objects or equipment

A Manhattan construction accident lawyer says most incidents are not only preventable, but are a direct result of violations of safety guidelines or negligence. Contractors, employers, and equipment manufacturers are often to blame for workers getting hurt while performing their daily job.

What Makes NYC a Higher Risk Area for Construction Injuries?

No matter where you go in the world, construction sites are generally considered dangerous areas to work in, but New York City has additional factors that elevate this risk even further. Think about some of the following situations that are currently causing building development safety issues for crews all across the state:

  • Shortage of skilled construction workers which has led to longer work hours and use of less experienced and/or trained teams.
  • Projects usually involve extremely tall buildings due to the city’s cramped space, which demands larger pools of workers.
  • Everything is fast in the Big Apple, including construction schedules.
  • The current surge in real estate development has increased the number of building projects throughout the city.

Couple all of these potential scenarios with habitually short-termed contracts for work, and you end up with an underdeveloped workforce of construction teams. This increases the likelihood of poor or rushed training, less familiarity with equipment, and less appreciation of safety rules due to hurried deadlines.

Root Causes of NYC Construction Accidents

NYC’s Department of Health Bureau of Vital Statistics also revealed that the large majority of injuries in the building industry involved a violation of safety standards. This is a sobering reality for anyone employed at a worksite in this metropolis and testifies to the challenges facing the city’s booming construction market.

Typical safety violations that OSHA cites during construction accidents in NYC include:

  • Employees didn’t meet minimum training requirements
  • Fall protection guidelines were not followed or enforced
  • Didn’t follow safety rules on stairwells
  • Scaffolding safety measures were not present or in place
  • Ladder safety training or adherence did not occur

Worse is that OSHA found some cases involved willful disregard of vital safety rules where an employer purposely endangered the lives of others by creating or allowing a hazardous condition to take place. Some of these situations include instances of:

  • Purposeful use of damaged and/or faulty work equipment
  • Intentional disablement of safety protocol on machinery and equipment
  • Attempting to save on time and job costs by circumventing safety rules

The consequences of these types of willful endangerment have cost construction workers loss of work, limbs, and even their lives. Employees and their loved ones who must endure such circumstances have no other option than to pursue legal avenues for justice and compensation for their resulting losses.

Our Best Manhattan Construction Accident Attorneys

Seasoned Manhattan construction accident attorneys are an invaluable resource for victims to rely on during the recovery process and future injury claim to deal with the emotional and financial burdens to follow. Working with the experienced attorneys at Cellino & Barnes is the best decision to be made when fighting for compensation benefits.

We empathize with your physical, emotional, and financial burden brought on by your severe injury. Our decades of construction injury case practice demonstrates our dedication to your needs and future to eliminate any worry regarding what happens after your trauma. As members of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association, Cellino & Barnes provides a service filled with resources and a team of aggressive trial lawyers who fight first and worry about payment after winning at trial. Contact us today to learn more and receive a free case evaluation.

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