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Do I Need A Car Accident Lawyer In New York?

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NEW YORK – There are over 200,000 car accidents in New York City every year. That’s about 45 car crashes every hour in the five boroughs. So, it’s no surprise that one of the most common questions people ask after they’ve been in a crash is, Do I Need A Car Accident Lawyer In New York? Most of the accidents in NYC are minor fender-benders, and will require little more than a visit to your local body shop. Others may need the attention of an experienced Brooklyn car accident lawyer.

Here are some things to consider:

Do I Need A Car Accident Lawyer In New York?

There’s one question everyone must ask themselves if they’ve recently been in a car accident: Am I Injured?

Even a minor fender bender can cause long-lasting injuries that will undoubtedly change your lifestyle. Whiplash is a common injury, and the pain that comes with it may not manifest for days or weeks after an accident. That’s why it’s important to have a visit with your doctor as soon as possible.

If you have indeed been injured due to a car accident, the other question that will be weighed is, Who Is At Fault?

Even if you believe you caused a car crash, NEVER admit fault. Our team has investigated car accidents in which a driver believed they were at-fault, only to find out the other driver had been under the influence of drugs or alcohol — or there was a critical vehicular malfunction. The bottom line is, you don’t know who is truly at-fault for a car accident until it has thoroughly been investigated.

If you have been injured and are NOT at-fault for a car accident (or fault has not been determined), it may be time to look for a car accident lawyer in New York. Whether you were operating a vehicle or you were a passenger, an experienced Brooklyn car accident lawyer could help you get the best result possible from an injury claim.

How To Choose A Car Accident Lawyer In Brooklyn

Most car accident claims have strict deadlines in New York State, so you’ll want to choose a car accident attorney as soon as possible. Here are some things to consider when looking for a Brooklyn car accident lawyer:

FREE Consultation – many attorneys and law firms charge you a fee just to speak with them. At Cellino & Barnes, we believe information should be free. Our team will examine your case without charging you a penny.

Experience – is your lawyer new to New York State or have they been practicing in Brooklyn for decades? This experience matters. The Brooklyn car accident lawyers at Cellino & Barnes have been helping New Yorkers with personal injury claims for over 60 years. We know New York and the laws that can help you get the best result possible from your claim.

Track Record – You’re going to want a successful law group to represent you and your family. How do you determine who’s successful? Look at their track record. Cellino & Barnes have helped car accident victims recover billions of dollars in compensation. That doesn’t happen by mistake.

Trust – Think about the companies, brands, and people you trust most in your life. They’re recognizable, caring and local. Your lawyer should be too. Cellino & Barnes is proud to have been trusted by thousands of New Yorkers to get the compensation they deserve after a car accident.

Do I Need A Car Accident Lawyer In New York? If you’re asking this question, you probably do.

This is an important decision you’ll need to make if you’ve been injured by a negligent driver. We know you have questions and concerns, and we encourage you to give us a call and allow our legal team to examine your case for FREE. Contact an experienced Brooklyn car accident lawyer at Cellino & Barnes for your free consultation, or call us anytime to speak directly with our legal team.

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