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What is Product Liability?

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A Queens personal injury lawyer can help you file a defective product claimNEW YORK — Do you know which products on your shopping list might be defective this year? Faulty products send thousands of people to the emergency room annually. Whether it’s a gift or an every day household item, a Queens personal injury lawyer says defective products fall under a unique category of personal injury law known as “product liability law.” The terms outlined in these rules sometimes make it easier for victims to recover damages from a liable party, such as a manufacturer or the seller of a faulty product.

Product liability holds manufacturers and sellers liable for allowing defective products to be available to consumers. The responsibility for a defect that leads to an injury lies with all the parties in the chain of distribution. The law requires all products to meet the ordinary expectations of the consumer. To have a viable product liability claim, a product deemed defective or dangerous cannot meet those expectations.

State laws regulate product liability claims, which may be brought under negligence, strict liability, or breach of warranty. If you’ve been injured as the result of a defective or dangerous product, there may be several parties you can hold accountable.

What to Prove in a Personal Injury Case Involving “Product Liability”

Today, an injured person needs to show the following elements to successfully establish a personal injury claim involving product liability:

  • The product was defective
  • A person became injured as a result of the product’s defect
  • The product’s defect caused the injury
  • The seller or manufacturer owed a duty to make or sell a safe product

How to Start a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Queens for Product Liability

According to a personal injury lawyer in Queens, an injured person can start a product liability claim under three circumstances:

  • Negligence: In this scenario, the plaintiff (injured person and their family) must prove that the manufacturer or seller had a duty to provide a safe product, and they ignored that duty. This breach must also have caused the person’s injury.
  • Strict Liability: In this case, a manufacturer or seller is held liable for another person’s injuries even if they didn’t have knowledge that their product was harmful. This is typically the case when a product has a defect, and the plaintiff must show that they used the product in a ‘typical’ manner.
  • Breach of Warranty: Products with manufacturer warranties allow plaintiffs to bring breach of warranty lawsuits when those warranties fail and lead to injuries.

3 Types of Product Defects

There are three ways a plaintiff may prove a product defective:

  • Warning defects
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Design defects

A defect can occur at any stage of the production process; from the moment the product is designed to the moment it’s boxed-up and sold.  Most product liability suits involve only one type of defect, but a plaintiff could be entitled to additional compensation if several defects were present.

Queens Personal Injury Lawyers Fighting For Victims Of Defective Products

Cellino & Barnes has experienced personal injury lawyers in Queens who have helped many clients with product liability claims. Our goal is to help you get the compensation you deserve after you’ve suffered unnecessary injuries stemming from a defective product. Contact our Queens personal injury lawyers to discuss your claim.

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Tractor-Trailer Sideswipes Police Car, Injures Officer And Others

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State Police say a truck driver violated the Move Over law in NY, sending two to an area hospitalNEW YORK — New York State Police are urging drivers to follow the “Move Over” law after a tractor-trailer sideswiped a police car and an SUV on the Thruway Wednesday afternoon. Trooper Thomas Hanigan and a passenger, Juana Herrera, were injured in the accident, police said.

State police said Juana Herrera, 46, and Alejandro Espinosa, 56, both of Albany, were attempting to change a tire on the side of the highway with the assistance of Thomas Hanigan, a 19-year veteran assigned to state police barracks in Ulster. While they were changing the tire, police said a tractor-trailer sideswiped Hanigan’s police car and the SUV with a flat tire.

The truck driver, who hails from Quebec, Canada, was ticketed for violating New York State’s “Move Over” law. Now, troopers are urging other drivers to remain conscientious of their surroundings, and move over or slow down when there are vehicles on the side of the highway.

Both Juana Herrera and trooper Thomas Hanigan were taken to the HealthAlliance Hospital’s Broadway Campus in Kingston, where they were treated for their injuries.

New York State’s Move Over Law

The New York “Move Over” Law was expanded in November, 2016. It now requires drivers of all vehicles to slow down or move over for roadway construction crews, sanitation vehicles, and all vehicles displaying emergency or hazard lights on the side of the road.

Violating the “Move Over” law can result in a $150 fine for a first offense. Additional offenses could cost up to $450.

The law was created by lawmakers in response to a string of accidents across the country that could’ve been prevented if drivers simply slowed down or moved to another lane.

Holding Drivers Responsible

Drivers who violate the “Move Over” law are not only subject to hefty fines; they can also be held responsible for another person’s injuries. Whether that person was struck by a tractor-trailer or a smaller vehicle, the injuries can leave a lasting impact on that victim’s life. In New York State, truck accident attorneys say victims have the right to file a personal injury claim, which can help victims get compensated for their injuries.

This compensation can help cover many costs associated with the accident, including:

  • Medical bills
  • Physical assistance
  • Wrongful death
  • Pain & Suffering
  • And More

When a large truck is involved, injuries can often be more severe, and these costs can skyrocket. An experienced New York truck accident lawyer will fully investigate the crash to gather evidence that can be used in court to prove your case, and help you get the best result possible from a personal injury claim. This evidence can include:

  • Truck maintenance records
  • Overall safety of the intersection
  • Surveillance video
  • Traffic signals
  • Dashcam video from the truck itself or other drivers in the area
  • And More

If you or someone you know has recently been injured because of another driver’s negligent actions, you’ll want to get in-touch with a qualified New York truck accident lawyer as soon as possible. There are many deadlines that need to be met in order to get the best result possible from a claim.

If you decide to contact Cellino & Barnes, we’ll put our best truck accident attorney in New York on your case, and examine every piece of evidence that could help your case. Contact us anytime – day or night – for a FREE consultation.

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How Is Mesothelioma Treated? | What To Do

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The Mesothelioma attorneys at Cellino & Barnes can put your family in touch with the best doctors and help you get the best results possibleNEW YORK — When a doctor has informed you that you have mesothelioma, or that a loved one has mesothelioma, it can be a shock. What is mesothelioma? How is Mesothelioma Treated? How do you get the best doctors? There are a lot of questions, you may want to ask. The mesothelioma attorneys at Cellino & Barnes can help you get answers.

What Is Mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma is a specific type of cancer that is only caused by asbestos exposure. Although millions of dollars have been invested into researching the disease, doctors have not found a cure. Therefore, the treatment options are meant to make the patient’s remaining years as comfortable as possible while keeping the disease from spreading.

How Is Mesothelioma Treated?

There are several treatment options for patients with mesothelioma, and all of these options should be thoroughly discussed with a medical professional:

  1. Surgery. When the cancer has already spread into other parts of the lungs, or other organs, surgery is a possible method of treatment. It’s important to note that surgery hasn’t been 100% effective at treating the disease. Instead, the main goal of surgically removing a tumor is to reduce the amount of pain a patient is in.
  2. Chemotherapy. One of the most common treatment methods, chemotherapy may help reduce the size of the tumor using chemicals. Although it’s been successful in reducing the size of cancer cells and relieving pain associated with mesothelioma, chemotherapy also has a number of negative side-effects that should be discussed with a medical professional.
  3. Radiation Therapy. This has become a key element of many cancer-treatment plans. However, radiation alone can’t manage mesothelioma. It’s commonly combined with chemotherapy, surgery or both.
  4. Other treatment methods. There is no proven cure for mesothelioma, but that isn’t stopping doctors from trying to find one. There are many investigational therapies and medicines being tested right now. It’s important however, to discuss these potential options with your doctor.

Getting the Best Mesothelioma Attorneys & Doctors

Some of the best mesothelioma attorneys in the nation do not charge their clients with up-front fees and costs. Instead, they use what’s called a ‘contingency fee,’ which is a percentage of any settlement or verdict they win for your family in court. The mesothelioma attorneys at Cellino & Barnes have a “No Fee Promise” which guarantees clients that they won’t owe anything unless their mesothelioma lawyers win your case.

Additionally, an experienced mesothelioma attorney can make sure you get the best doctors to help manage the cancer. Whether you contracted mesothelioma as a Navy veteran, a factory worker or by using regular household products, Cellino & Barnes can help you get the best doctors on your side, and the best result possible from your claim.

Contact our experienced legal team today for a FREE consultation.

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What Are The Top Causes Of Pedestrian Injury Accidents?

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If you've been hurt, a New York personal injury lawyer can help you with a FREE consultationNEW YORK — Getting around New York City, you might notice that the streets aren’t very forgiving. With few places to park and so many pedestrians, there’s a high risk of severe accidents. According to a at Cellino & Barnes, more than 11,000 pedestrians were injured in accidents last year. That’s roughly 30 people every day!

Injury lawyers in New York say accidents can happen for several reasons, but some of those reasons are more common than others. The following are the top causes of pedestrian injury accidents in and around New York.

Drivers Turning Left

Even when pedestrians cross at designated crosswalks, drivers turning left are 3 times more likely to hit them than if they were turning right. This is because both parties are looking in opposite directions.

Unmarked Crosswalks

Signaled crosswalks make it obvious to drivers that they should expect pedestrians to cross the street where the signal is located. Although drivers are required to stop and allow pedestrians to cross a road, impatient drivers may be less likely to do so if they don’t anticipate the presence of pedestrians at a particular location, or at a certain time.

For example, drivers at night expect to see fewer pedestrians on the road. So, their driving habits often change, usually for the worse.


Distracted drivers are one of the biggest threats to pedestrians; however, pedestrians sometimes put themselves in grave danger when they fail to pay attention to traffic because they’re using their electronics. A New York personal injury lawyer says many serious pedestrian accidents can be difficult to prosecute, because there’s evidence that the person crossing the street wasn’t paying attention.

The same can be true on the other side of things. Drivers have a responsibility to maintain control of their vehicle and avoid hitting other objects, including parked cars and pedestrians.

Backing Vehicles

Pedestrian accidents routinely occur in parking lots or on streets where drivers are backing into the road from a parked position. Most new vehicles come with rear-view cameras to help reduce these accidents, but they’re not always 100% accurate. Many backup cameras have blind spots, and if a driver relies too heavily on this tool, they could be responsible for an accident.

Who is most likely to get hurt in a Brooklyn pedestrian accident?

A personal injury lawyer in New York has put together the following statistics based on public data and their years of experience handling personal injury cases in New York:

  • Children and the elderly face a greater risk of being hit by a car, truck, cyclist or other motorist.
  • One-fifth of kids 14 and younger who were killed in traffic accidents were pedestrians.
  • Nearly 20% of all pedestrian fatalities involved people 65 and older
  • Seniors also made up 11% of all injured pedestrians.

Between men and women, men carry a higher risk of being killed in traffic accidents. According to a recent NHTSA’s report, they made up 70% of all pedestrians killed in traffic crashes.

Alcohol also plays a huge role in pedestrian accidents. The report found that nearly half of all crashes resulting in pedestrian fatalities in 2013 involved alcohol. Approximately 34% of all pedestrians killed had a BAC at or above the legal limit of 0.08 grams per deciliter of blood. About 15% of drivers had BACs at or above that limit.

Even the most responsible pedestrians cannot control the actions of a reckless driver. At Cellino & Barnes, it’s our job to hold negligent drivers and their insurance companies responsible for your traumatic injury. Our team of personal injury lawyers in Brooklyn has recovered over $2 billion in settlements and verdicts for our clients. Call us for a FREE consultation.

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3 Common Reasons People Call Personal Injury Lawyers

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When you need a Brooklyn personal injury lawyer, contact Cellino & Barnes NEW YORK – When an accident leaves you injured, it can trigger many negative events. A Brooklyn personal injury lawyer says you may not be able to work, pay your bills or afford the best medical treatments. In many cases, you may be entitled to receive compensation for these headaches. To get the best possible result from a personal injury claim, you have the right to hire an experienced personal injury attorney in Brooklyn.

Many people who become involved in accidents may not think about contacting an attorney or might hesitate to do so, but an attorney is a vital asset to have! A personal injury attorney in Brooklyn can ensure that you get the largest compensation owed to you after any type of accident.

There are five common reasons people choose to work with attorneys after becoming injured in a crash. Could an attorney be right for you?

Why People Hire Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury lawyers help accident victims take on the task of filing an insurance claim and pursuing a fair settlement or lawsuit, if necessary. Accident victims who are in pain can rely on an experienced lawyer to handle these complex tasks. Just as you rely on a tax professional to help file your taxes, you can rely on a personal injury lawyer to help you get the best possible result from your claim.

Lawyers are Expert Negotiators

An experienced injury accident lawyer will know exactly what to say when discussing your accident with the insurance companies involved. They’ll also step-in to negotiate for more compensation based on calculations they’ve made about the value of your injuries, property damage, and any pain and suffering you have endured. Without the lawyer’s expertise, you may miss out on a fair sum.

Lawyers Can Prove Liability for your Injuries

For a victim to receive compensation, it’s crucial to prove that the other driver was at fault for the accident. It’s often very difficult to do so without the help of an attorney. Without an attorney representing your interests, the accident case becomes a “he said, she said” scenario as the other party will try to shift the blame.

Your attorney will be able to hire accident reconstruction experts to recreate the moment you were injured. They’ll also be able to interview witnesses and the doctor who treated your injuries. Your lawyer will first start by gathering your medical records and the police report taken at the scene. It may be challenging to gather all this information yourself while you’re recovering.

Lawyers Can Calculate the Value of your Injuries

Personal injury lawyers in Brooklyn use their experience to accurately gauge the value of your case. You may be entitled to compensation for several losses, depending on the severity of the collision. Your attorney will seek the maximum compensation for:

  1. Lost wages and lost earning potential
  2. All medical bills associated with the accident
  3. Property damage
  4. Loss of consortium
  5. Pain and suffering

Brooklyn Accident Lawyers Who Will Go to Court

One additional reason people trust personal injury lawyers with their accident claims is the fact that they prepare your case to go to court, if necessary. When the insurance companies simply won’t give in to reasonable demands, the next step is to litigate your accident in front of a jury.

At Cellino & Barnes, our Brooklyn personal injury lawyers are fully knowledgeable and prepared to go to court to fight for the compensation you deserve. We have over 60 years of experience fighting for the rights of injured victims throughout New York and will not take a fee until we win your case. Contact us at any time for a free consultation or complete our contact form.

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Who Pays After A Bus Accident in Queens?

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A bus accident lawyer in Queens can help you get the best result possibleNEW YORK — Thousands of New Yorkers rely on public transportation such as buses throughout Queens for their daily commute, yet taking the bus isn’t free from risks. Car and bus collisions can lead to serious injuries; unfortunately, buses have a higher risk of rolling or tipping over due to their height. Passengers also have few protections while riding the bus as they typically lack seat belts and airbags.

When a person becomes entangled in a motor vehicle accident, liability is determined by figuring out each driver’s level of fault. The law can grow more complex with bus accidents, as several entities may be liable for the bus’s portion of fault.

When you are involved in a Queens bus accident, consulting a bus accident lawyer about the outlook of your case is crucial to understanding what to expect from taking legal action.

Determining Fault in a Bus Crash in Queens

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, buses and large trucks made up approximately 12% of road fatalities and nearly 8% of nonfatal crashes in 2015. While these types of accidents may be fewer in number, the injuries they result in tend to be more severe for the occupants of other vehicles struck by these massive machines. In the event that the bus driver is at fault for an accident, a personal injury lawyer who handles bus crash cases must determine further liability.

Entities that May Be Liable for a Bus Accident

The bus driver himself is usually not solely liable for an accident. Several factors may have come into play to cause the bus to instigate a crash. A personal injury lawyer can consult experts who can reconstruct an accident scene to pinpoint the cause of the accident and identify all sources of liability.

  • The transit authority
  • The bus driver
  • Negligent motorists

At Cellino & Barnes, we’ll conduct a thorough investigation to ensure the parties responsible for your injuries are held accountable. If we find more than one party is liable, we will pursue claims against all at-fault parties. Our goal is to help you recover the funds you need for all your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Contact a Bus Accident Lawyer in Queens

If you were hurt in an accident involving a bus operated by the New York City Transit Authority, you must notify them within 90 days of filing a claim. Contact a bus accident lawyer in Queens as soon as possible after your accident to ensure your claim goes through smoothly and that you recover the funds you need for all your medical bills. We provide FREE consultations.

Cellino & Barnes (800) 888-8888

Long Island Railroad Crash Kills 3 In Westbury

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Police say a LIRR train crashed into a truck on February 26th, 2019

WESTBURY, N.Y. — Nassau Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder says a vehicle tried to beat a train at a railroad crossing while the gates were down, resulting in a LIRR crash and derailment. All three of the vehicle’s occupants were killed.

According to the Long Island Rail Road, the LIRR train was carrying about 200 passengers on its way to Penn Station when it struck the vehicle at the School Street crossing in Westbury. Police say the vehicle’s driver drove around the lowered safety gates moments before the train crash in Long Island.

Ryder said the force of the LIRR crash, which happened near a grade crossing by a station, destroyed part of the stop’s concrete platform.

“The train then leaves the track and takes out the platform and then hits the north side of the platform and takes off about 30 yards of concrete, which goes through the train,” Ryder said.

Service was suspended in both directions on the Ronkonkoma and Huntington/Port Jefferson lines around 7:30 pm on Tuesday as emergency crews responded to the accident.

April Frazier, 31, of Brooklyn, was on the train and described the scene to reporters:

“I was sitting on the left side and all of a sudden the train really started rocking hard. Flames flared up on my side. I heard the conductor yell ‘Brake, brake!’ That’s when I saw the flames.”

“That’s when it got real. I’m still shaken up. You don’t know. You think you might die. I’m thinking to myself ‘It might be my last day,’” April Frazier said.

According to Newsday, April Frazier said everything went quiet after the crash until firefighters arrived, and instructed passengers to remain in place.

Several train passengers suffered injuries, and were taken to Nassau University Medical Center, police said.

What To Do If You Were On A Derailed Train

It didn’t take long for first responders to arrive on the scene of the LIRR crash to help the 200 passengers trapped on-board. Firefighters say it’s important for passengers in situations like these to remain calm and stay in place so that medics can first help those who are most seriously injured.

Several minutes later, rescue crews helped other passengers get off the derailed LIRR train near the School Street crossing in Westbury.

A New York train accident lawyer says passengers can often suffer severe injuries in an accident like this, and the costs associated with their injuries may become excessive. Insurance alone might not provide victims enough compensation to get them the best medical treatments possible.

In addition to injured train passengers, there were two passengers in the vehicle on the tracks that lost their lives. In many cases, family members of vehicle passengers may file a wrongful death claim that could force railroads to make crucial changes that could prevent future accidents from happening.

Those injured in a train crash may be entitled to significant compensation if they file a personal injury train accident claim. However, these claims must be filed quickly in order to ensure victims and their families can get the best result possible. Some of the costs that these victims can receive compensation for include:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost time at work/wages
  • Pain & Suffering
  • Future medical procedures
  • And more…

It’s also critical to fully investigate the crash to determine what went wrong, and who’s responsible. A legal investigation may uncover many factors, including:

  • Were the train brakes functioning?
  • Was the engineer awake and alert?
  • Was the train going too fast?
  • Were all systems operating correctly?
  • Were safety features properly installed and working at the time of the crash?
  • Were the gates adequate to deter drive-arounds?

New York train accident attorney says a full and impartial investigation must be conducted. An experienced lawyer will also look at the following pieces of evidence:

  • On-site video
  • Gate timing
  • Gate design – were they designed with safety in mind?

Some of these victims may never make a full recovery, but answers to these questions will provide them with the best information possible, and more importantly, closure.

If you or a loved one have been hurt in any type of train accident, you should contact an experienced personal injury attorney to help you through the legal process.

If you decide to contact our team, we’ll put our best train accident lawyers on your case. For a free consultation, call us at (800) 888-8888

For more information on train accidents, or to file a claim, follow this link.


Top Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in NYC

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A Queens motorcycle accident lawyer can stand-up for your rights and help get the best result possibleNEW YORK — People who ride motorcycles revel in the freedom it provides. Unfortunately, while motorcyclists do have as much right to use the roads as other motorists, drivers may wrongfully believe that their vehicles are more important. They may be reluctant or outright hostile to motorcyclists sharing the road and may drive in a way that is threatening to motorcyclists. Other drivers may not even notice motorcyclists, which can cause dangerous conditions.

Motorcyclists can sustain severe injuries as the result of other driver’s negligent or reckless driving behavior. If you’ve been hurt while riding your bike in New York, a Queens motorcycle accident lawyer can help you pursue damages and hold the at-fault party responsible.

Reasons for Motorcycle Accidents in New York City

Driver negligence is the #1 cause of motorcycle accidents in New York City, which is why motorcyclists must use extreme caution on the streets of New York. Other common causes of such accidents in the Big Apple are:

  • Distracted Drivers: Drivers who don’t pay attention to the road are more likely to miss seeing motorcyclists around them. When a driver is eating, texting, talking on the phone, or even conversing with a passenger while operating a vehicle, their chances of causing an accident skyrocket. Distracted driving is negligent behavior.
  • Drunk Drivers: Intoxicated drivers put everyone’s lives in grave danger; yet, when you consider the fact that even sober drivers have a hard time spotting motorcyclists, it’s not difficult to see why motorcyclists are at increased risk of being struck by a drunk driver.
  • Tailgating: Impatient drivers who tailgate motorcyclists increase the potential for a serious rear-end crash should the motorcyclists need to suddenly step on his brakes.
  • Speeding Drivers: The posted speed limit is a number that has been deemed a safe speed for the particular zone in optimal conditions. When drivers speed, they threaten the lives of anyone they might crash into because the worst effects of a car accident typically occur at high speeds. Motorcyclists who survive high-speed crashes usually sustain severe and life-threatening injuries.
  • Red Light Runners: Motorists who run red lights or ignore stop signs fail to notice motorcyclists passing through the intersection.

Possible Damages after a Motorcycle Accident

With a determined injury accident lawyer on your side, it may be possible to pursue an array of damages for what you have endured due to another’s negligence. Attorneys with Cellino & Barnes provide aggressive legal representation to motorcycle accident victims in Queens. We have decades of experience investigating accidents and gathering all the right evidence to support claims.

Depending on the facts of your case, you may be entitled to compensation for the following:

  • Medical Expenses: All medical bills related to the accident should be covered by the at-fault party’s insurer, whether you need short term or lifelong care.
  • Lost Wages: Your accident might keep you away from work for several days, weeks, or even months. A particularly severe accident may keep you from going back to the job you held altogether. You may be able to recover compensation for these lost wages and lost earning capacity.
  • Pain and Suffering: Physical and emotional trauma can take a toll on your life. An attorney can calculate a reasonable amount of compensation for these non-economic losses.
  • Loss of Consortium: If your accident was particularly severe, the effects may make it challenging to maintain a relationship with your spouse. You might be able to recover compensation for your loss of companionship if it was caused by the crash.
  • Property Damage: Your bike may need to undergo extensive repairs or be replaced after a serious crash.

Queens Motorcycle Lawyers at Your Service

Selecting a dedicated law firm to support you after a car crash is a crucial part of winning your lawsuit. Attorneys with Cellino & Barnes have worked with motorcyclists throughout Queens for over 60 years. Our law firm will not take a fee unless we win your case. Find out how our team of Queens motorcycle lawyers can help you by submitting your case online or calling us for a free consultation.

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Don’t Do These 5 Things After A Truck Accident

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Call a Brooklyn truck accident attorney for a FREE consultationNEW YORK — Commercial trucks provide a much-needed service but simultaneously pose a significant risk to other drivers on the road. Legally, trucks that transport cargo can haul no more than 40 tons or 80,000 pounds of freight, rivaling some of the largest dinosaurs to have ever walked the earth. When the average sedan and a semi-truck bump heads, someone is bound to get hurt.

If you were recently injured in a truck accident, there are a lot of things going on. Things like going to the doctor to get treatment, and filing a police report are essential steps that must happen immediately after the crash; however, you might not know that some of the things you do could actually hurt your case.

Ways You Can Hurt Your Own Accident Case

Here are five things you should never do after a truck accident or any other collision:

  1. Apologize. You might be so startled after the accident that you apologize for hitting the truck, even though you might not have caused the crash. Your apology may be interpreted as an admission of negligence or guilt, which is why you should keep the sentiment to yourself.
  2. Speculate. You don’t do anyone any favors by trying to guess the cause of the accident. In fact, this could also cast you in a negative light and hurt your case. Leave the speculating to the professionals whose job it is to investigate the facts of the crash, such as the police officers and your attorney.
  3. Talk about the case without your lawyer present. Your lawyer is the only person you can trust to discuss matters pertaining to the accident. An insurance agent, for example, is only looking out for the interests of their company (and trying to avoid a big payout). Your lawyer is bound by an ethical oath to represent Your interests.
  4. Ignore Doctor’s orders. People who get hurt from car crashes tend to sustain injuries that are far more serious than car-on-car crash injuries. If you avoid seeking the care your doctor recommended after your accident, it can look like you aren’t really hurt and don’t need compensation, making it more challenging to gain compensation.
  5. Instagram your accident (or post to other social media). People who use social media while recovering have a much harder time getting a fair settlement. Why? What many people don’t realize is that insurance adjusters and defense lawyers on the other team anticipate that you’re going to post about your accident and gleefully snoop on your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and any other social media account you may have for information that can hurt your case. The best way to avoid unwittingly turning over information that can rob you of a settlement is to avoid social media altogether at this time.

Do I Need a Lawyer after My Truck Accident?

You might also consider failing to talk to a Brooklyn truck accident attorney ill-advised. Attorneys with Cellino & Barnes can provide you with a realistic picture of what your accident case will look like, including an estimate of what you might receive if you pursue legal action. Without an attorney protecting your interests, you could lose a substantial amount of funds. You can be sure that the insurance company representing the trucking company involved in your accident has a team of lawyers ready to dismantle your case; don’t you deserve representation as well?

Call us for a free consultation or contact us online. We’re available at any time.

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5 Steps to Take After a Bus Crash in Manhattan

/ Bus Accidents /

Our best bus accident lawyers in Manhattan can help you overcome the stress of getting fair compesnationManhattan, NY — Buses pose a significant threat to passengers and occupants of smaller vehicles on the road. Those who ride the bus seat themselves or stand in an open cabin where they have no restraints to keep them in place in the event of a crash. According to bus accident lawyers in Manhattan, passengers often suffer a number of injuries when a bus strikes another vehicle or building. In turn, the occupants of the vehicles struck can suffer traumatic injuries as well.

Often, people can suffer long-term effects when they survive a bus accident. If you suffered a bodily injury after a bus accident in Manhattan, you should take the following 5 steps immediately to ensure a speedy and successful recovery and mitigate the potential for future complications.

Seek Immediate Medical Care

As soon as you are cleared to leave the accident scene, be sure to make your way to the emergency room or make an appointment with your physician. The sooner you can get medical care, the better your prognosis will be. Establishing a record of medical care right after an accident is also crucial to supporting your personal injury claim, especially if you suffered a serious injury.

Report the Accident

If you don’t need emergency care, report the accident to the local police department to ensure that they file a police report. Although the bus driver should report the accident to authorities and supervisors, it’s best to make sure the report gets filed yourself. Describe in detail what you experienced from your perspective. You might want to find other witnesses who were nearby when the accident took place to record their statements as well.

Gather Evidence

Whenever possible, it’s crucial to take photographs of the accident scene before it gets cleared up. Photographs are valuable records to accident reconstruction experts who may try to determine liability after the fact. Documenting your injuries will also create evidence your lawyer can use in settlement negotiations.

Keep Track of Your Expenses and Injuries

The easiest damages to recover in a personal injury claim are financial losses such as medical bills and lost wages. Keep all records of these damages organized after your accident. Collect receipts, bills, and any other documents that may help your lawyer determine the financial damages you suffered. You should even hold onto gas station receipts from having to drive to and from hospitals, doctor visits, physical therapy, vehicle repair centers, and more.

Discuss Your Case with a Manhattan Bus Accident Lawyer

While you are under no obligation to consult an attorney after your accident, doing so will help tremendously in ensuring that you receive just financial compensation for your losses. The Manhattan personal injury lawyers with Cellino & Barnes will take all possible measures to investigate your accident, identify all liable parties, and hold them fully accountable for your damages.

Call or contact us online for a free consultation.

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21st Floor
New York, NY 10170
(800) 888-8888
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532 Broad Hollow Road
Melville, NY
(800) 888-8888
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16 W. Main Street
Powers Building, Suite 600
Rochester, NY 14614
(585) 888-8888
(800) 888-8888
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