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Ridesharing | Lyft & Uber Accidents

Injured in a Lyft or Uber? Contact an experienced Lyft/Uber accident lawyer for a FREE consultationLyft & Uber Accident Lawyer

More than 15 million Uber rides are hailed every single day. With that many rides, accidents are bound to happen. So, what can I do if I’m in an Uber accident? Know that we have an experienced Uber accident lawyer who can help guide you through the process if you’ve been injured in any ridesharing accident.

Cellino & Barnes has helped thousands of car accident victims get compensation for their injuries, including passengers involved in Lyft and Uber accidents. To best assist you, give us a call or contact us online for a FREE consultation.

Injured in an Uber or Lyft Accident

We trust Uber, Lyft and other rideshare companies to provide a reasonably priced, safe trip to our destination. Unfortunately, accidents happen. If you’ve been injured in an Uber or Lyft accident, you shouldn’t be left with expensive medical bills, lost time at work, and other frustrations that often accompany these accidents.

After all, if you were a passenger, the accident can’t possibly be your fault. Why should you be on the hook for these expenses?

The major ride share companies (Uber & Lyft) are now billion dollar businesses, and both ensure that their drivers and passengers are covered by $1 million insurance policies. However, the level of coverage you’re entitled to depends on many different factors, which include:

  • Which driver’s at fault?
  • Was the road safe?
  • Lost income
  • Medical costs
  • Future medical treatments
  • Pain & suffering
  • And more

There’s a lot to evaluate. That’s why it’s crucial to get in touch with an experienced Uber & Lyft accident attorney who can help you make the best decision possible as to how you proceed after an accident.

In some cases, you may be owed significant compensation if you’re in any of these situations:

  • An Uber or Lyft driver injured in an accident where the other driver was careless
  • Another driver injured in a crash with a rideshare vehicle in which the Lyft or Uber driver is at fault
  • A passenger injured in an Uber or Lyft vehicle, regardless of who was at fault

If you aren’t sure if your situation falls under any of these scenarios, it’s still worth speaking with a Lyft & Uber accident lawyer at Cellino & Barnes. We can go over your case with you for FREE, and help lay-out the options for you. Call (800) 888-8888 for a FREE case evaluation.

Questions About Lyft or Uber Accidents

At Cellino & Barnes, we get a lot of questions about Uber and Lyft accidents. Some of these questions include:

  • I was injured in an Uber accident. Should I go to the doctor?
  • I was in an accident with an Uber driver. What should I do?
  • Another car crashed into my Lyft ride. Who will cover me?

We’ll try to answer all of these questions as simply as possible, and explain what steps to take if you’ve been injured in a Lyft accident or hurt in an Uber accident.

Should I Go To The Doctor After A Lyft or Uber Accident?

If you’ve been injured, yes!

Even if you feel like your injuries were minor, get them checked out! What can seem like a minor injury can actually be a symptom of a bigger problem, and an injury that could impact you for a long time. Get checked out by a doctor, and keep records of all your visits. You should be compensated for most, if not all of the medical bills incurred as a result of the accident.

After you’ve seen a doctor, get in touch with our Uber and Lyft accident attorney so that you can be confident you’re making the best decisions moving forward.

What Should I Do After An Uber Accident? What Should I Do After A Lyft Accident?

If you were a driver (working for a rideshare company or not), you need to first get medical attention and notify the police. If you were a driver OR a passenger, it’s also important to take pictures and get witness statements, if possible!

Your health should be your first priority after any car crash. Once your medical needs have been addressed, it’s wise to get in touch with a Lyft & Uber accident lawyer — even before speaking with insurance adjusters about your claim.

You can reach Cellino & Barnes 24/7 by calling (800) 888-8888.

Another Car Crashed Into My Uber Ride. Who Will Cover Me?

If another vehicle (not a rideshare) caused the accident, it’s likely that driver’s insurance will cover the damages. However, there are exceptions.

This is a complicated question that could have a lot of variables, depending on the severity of the crash, what state you were in, and what type of insurance policy the other driver has. If you’ve been injured in an Uber of Lyft crash, your best option is to call our Lyft/Uber accident attorney for a FREE consultation. We’ll examine every aspect of your case, and give you some options as to how to proceed in your specific situation.

Cellino & Barnes provides service 24/7/365. If you have any questions about an Uber accident, Lyft accident, or other rideshare accident, give us a call or contact us online for a FREE consultation.

Cellino & Barnes (800) 888-8888


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