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Lead Poisoning

Lead PoisoningHard-working families in Flint, Michigan were exposed to dangerous toxins and bacteria in their drinking water after April 2014 and they continue to wrestle with local and state officials over the safety of their drinking water.

The lead poisoning attorneys at Cellino & Barnes are taking action against those responsible for the Flint water crisis and urging residents to join the fight for justice.

Some of those families in the Flint community were found to have toxic levels of lead in their bodies after consuming tainted city water that was drawn from the Flint River. Other families have reported the water caused skin irritation and in some cases, they believe it has made their hair fall out.

In addition to accounts of lead poisoning, many Flint residents were infected with dangerous bacteria called Legionella. These microscopic organisms have been known to cause Legionnaires’ disease and other potentially deadly illnesses. Some lab tests also discovered E Coli and elevated levels of chemicals in the Flint water system.

If you were affected by the Flint water crisis, contact the lead poisoning attorneys at Cellino & Barnes today for a free case evaluation. You could receive significant compensation for your illness or loss – and your case could help ensure that residents in Flint and across the U.S. receive safe drinking water for generations.

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Timeline of Events

April 25, 2014

City switches off Lake Huron-supplied water from Detroit and begins tapping into the Flint River to save money.

August 2014

Coliform bacteria are detected in Flint tap water; officials issue boil-water advisories

October 2014

General Motors claims Flint city water corrodes car parts; state allows the plant to switch water providers

January 2015

Detroit Water and Sewerage Department offers to waive $4 million reconnection fee and supply fresh water supply to Flint. The city’s state-appointed emergency manager declines the offer.

February 2015

Officials say the water is “not an imminent threat to public health.”

March 2015

Lab tests detect high levels of lead in drinking water; in some cases, more than 26 times the legal limit

September 2015

Blood tests reveal high levels of lead in children. Doctors urge the city of Flint to stop using water from the Flint River

October 2015

Flint officials tell residents to stop drinking the water; Gov. Snyder orders more testing and the distribution of water filters

October 16, 2015

Flint reconnects to Detroit’s water supply but many pipes have already corroded; citizens are still urged to use filters for drinking, cooking and bathing

December 14, 205

Flint declares an emergency

December 29, 2015

Dan Wyant, director of the Department of Environmental Quality, resigns

January 5, 2016

Gov. Snyder declares a state of Emergency for Genesee County, including the city of Flint

January 16, 2016

President Obama declares a state of emergency, allowing FEMA to provide $5-million in relief

January 20, 2016

Michigan representatives approve $28 million to assist the city of Flint

February 2016

Public outcry demands more government transparency, Gov. Snyder releases e-mails that acknowledged the water crisis as an “urgent matter” in 2014

“Urgent Matter”

E-mail correspondence in October 2014 recognized Flint’s water crisis as an “urgent matter to fix” but for the next year, officials admitted the concerns were largely unaddressed.

In the same e-mail correspondence, a legal counsel to Gov. Snyder wrote, “to anyone who grew up in Flint as I did, the notion that I would be getting my drinking water from the Flint River is downright scary.”

“My mom is a city resident. Nice to know she’s drinking water with elevated chlorine levels and fecal coliform… [The city of Flint] should try to get back on the Detroit system as a stopgap ASAP before this thing gets too far out of control.”

Take Legal Action; Protect Your City

Hundreds of families have become ill and home values have dropped significantly since the crisis gained national attention.

If you or your family has been affected by the Flint water crisis, contact the lead poisoning attorneys at Cellino & Barnes today. As one of the nation’s largest personal injury law firms, Cellino & Barnes has helped clients across America recover over $2 billion.

Contact Cellino & Barnes now to talk with a legal professional and learn how we can help protect your rights.

Client Thanks

I would like to thank your firm for representing our family on behalf of my late husband. This whole process was, at times, difficult for us and sometimes painful. But, we were always in good hands as Brian and Maria are two of the hardest working and sincerest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. They did a tremendous job.

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