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Cellino & Barnes Reviews

We pride ourselves in helping our clients and securing them the best results possible. That’s why we choose our best attorney for each client’s specific case.

Here’s what others are saying about us:

Cellino & Barnes Reviews



“When my car was rear ended, I was scared and in pain. I called Cellino and Barnes and I was transferred to Igor Grichanik who took care of my case. Through the entire case Igor kept me informed, answered my questions and quickly returned my calls and emails. Igor got the case to settle for a higher amount than the amount that was offered by the insurance company. I definitely felt in good hands with Igor Grichanik and Lisa Meyer. I want to thank and express my gratitude to Cellino and Barnes and specially to Igor for the professionalism and excellent representation.” -Ana V.


“Amazing! Stephen Ciocca and Diane Hirsh we’re beyond helpful. They actually made me feel like I was their only client. Returning emails and phone calls almost immediately. They made sure I understood everything that was going on. Helped me with all the confusing details and made a very difficult time so much easier. I am forever grateful for their help and would highly recommend them.” -Maria M.



“Professional environment and staff Thanks for the service” -Ahmet K.


“Dear Igor, I am so grateful for all the super hard work and dedication to my mother’ case. I am sure we got a positive outcome because of you! You are just an excellent outstanding attorney and human being. I will never forget you cared and holdded my mom’ hands so many times. There should be more people like you in the world. Your confidence is our model from now on. thank you” -Yameysy H.



“A special thank you to Stephen and Diane” -Todd Y.



“Working with Cellino and Barnes was an absolute pleasure. From the moment I made my initial contact to the ending of my case, the staff at this firm was above amazing. Jordan Finkelstien and Ciera Lomax went above and beyond and for that I am great full. I highly recommend this power team to anyone and everyone who may have the need for legal representation. If you ever find yourself needing  legal assistance ask for JORDAN Finkelstien and Ciera Lomax they are the best of the best.” -Priscilla T.



“I have never had to consult an injury attorney before and I sure did pick the right one. They were professional personable and reliable I highly recommend them!!!!” -Shana W.


“Aybike and Alma are the absolute best. Always kept me in the loop, made me feel comfortable, and are very compassionate and hard working. I highly recommend both.” -Jessica H.



“I’m surprised to read these negative reviews especially the ones that indicated that the person did not identify themselves.
My experience was great. I called when I was involved in an accident about a year ago.  I was on a bicycle and was run over by a pickup truck.  The attorney I spoke with was very nice and suggested we should meet in a few days – I told him with my injuries that would be difficult and he said that his plan was to come to me!  All through the process they were honest and communicative, keeping me well informed.
My case was settled for the maximum amount, just as my lawyer told me it would be.
My experiences were great.” -Penny C.



“I was in a terrible accident with an uninsured driver, when my auto insurance finally settled with me it became a bit of a struggle with the state. My lawyer Sandy Fazili was always quick to respond to calls and emails. Himself as well Ross Celino were very sympathetic to my plight and went above and beyond to make sure I received the most compensation possible. Although the series of events that put me in their law offices was awful, I couldn’t be happier with quality of service I received and the overall outcome. I am so greatful I made the decision to seek representation from the law offices of Celino and Barns and found so a wonderful and knowledgeable lawyer in Sandy Fazili” -Jake D.



“Ms. Aybike took my case when no other lawyers would, due to me being in the gray area of a motor vehicle accident. Alma kept me up to date with the proceedings of my case. Aybike & Alma is an awesome team, this group was my best choice!!” -Princess L.



“If your looking for quality, Aybike Donuk Esq. is amazing! Thorough from beginning to end. She is hands down thee best personal injury attorney. She kept me informed of every detail of my case, never made me feel small or unworthy of her time. She truly cares and listened to all of my questions and concerns. She made herself available to me, and when, if ever she wasn’t her paralegal Alma was right there to pick up where she left off. She put me first and I was so shocked that all of my expectations were met and then some! She fights for you like it’s for her own mother. You would think you are her only client! I hope I never need her again but if so she’s the first call I’m making. Don’t overlook this hidden gem! Get you an Aybike!” -Shana M.



“Igor Grichanik is excellent. Handled my case very well and professionally.” -Elleza K.



“Stephen ciccoa and diane hirsh was doing my injury case and everytime i had a question or need something explain to me they will always answer it n be patient with me at all times.i will defin recommended stephen ciccoa as a injury lawyer.diane is very nice and was so patient with me also.” -b.g.



“Two years ago I fell on the ice and broke my elbow…I called Cellino & Barnes and spoke with Stephen Ciocca…he immediately explained what I needed to do and from that moment I felt at ease…like dealing with a friend than a lawyer…he and Diane Hirsch helped me through this ordeal and I want to thank them both…they kept me in the loop and handled everything very professional and sincere in what they did… if I or anyone I know needs legal help I would not hesitate to recommend them. They are the very best.” -Fran S.



“Got rear ended less than a year ago and called Cellino and Barnes . Mike napolitano came to my house right away after asking me how I felt. He was very professional and polite.when ever I called he answered all my questions and I felt very comfortable with him as my attorney.he worked very hard and got me what I deserved I’m very happy with the law firm and would highly recommend mike napolitano to anyone who gets injured.” -Nick S.



“I hired Cellino and Barnes after my auto accident. Rob Seigel was my attorney. I cannot speak highly enough about his professionalism in handling my case. He always answered my questions with in minutes. He definitely had my best interests at heart and got me every penny I was entitled to from the insurance company.” -Ira B.



“Great Experience overall. Mr. Grichanik handled my case with expertise and professionalism right from the start. He zealously advocated on me behalf and fought hard to get me a favorable outcome. He was always very accessible, and answered my questions and concerns promptly. I would recommend him to family and friends without hesitation.” -Elan G.



“I normally do not write reviews however I fell & it was suggested I contact Cellino and Barnes. I emailed them with details as calling sometimes gets lost in translation. I was contacted almost immediately by Jordon Finkelstein. He explained in detail why I did not have a case. His response was explained in detail & very easy to comprehend. I had further questions & he responded again with answers. Jordon was respectful & sympathetic to my injury. I regret that I don’t have a case as I would love to have had Jordon handle it. He was so straight forward, precise & kind. If I ever have an injury in the future, I would definitely contact him. My correspondence with him was just email but I would bet he would be terrific in person.” -Sheila D.



“Thank you Cellino & Barnes for making the process painless and effortless. I appreciate the timely response of my emails, phone calls, and technology. Call today receive the same excellent service they gave to me.” -Katrina S.



“Wonderful staff Cellino & Barnes the team that will work hard to help you achieve the result you are looking for. Alexander P. You guys are the best.” -t.s.



“They have been helping me for almost 2b years” -Rob G.



“The best” -Jayden M.



“Grest law firm. Dedicated to their clients!” -Margo N.



“They are great!!! My team was experienced, caring, and patient. They answered all my concerns and questions. I was informed about every step of the process. I also allowed them to do there jobs. Don’t want to have to go back to them, but if I’m in need they will be the first call I make.” -Kesha B.



“Very easy to work with and getting things done I am very grateful.” -Demetrius B.



“If you want A1 care for your injury call Celino and Barnes. No other law firm in the world can or will match the personal care you will receive. Make Celino and Barnes your first and only call. You’ll be happy you did. I was!” -Bendette H.



“Cellino and Barnes worked with me. When I could not walk after a compound fracture that left my leg in fragments.

I was not looking to get rich, I only wanted  recompense from what was taken from me due to inability to work….which I had/have been doing. Still am.

Fantastic attorneys….they actually listen, stick around and answer question. Nothing else for me to say other that Cellino gives back to the community like you would never believe.” -Julie C.



“Amazing, Robert Siegel at first I thought arrogant but soon realized it was confidence. Right to the point super amazing attorney. He knew what he was after and didn’t settle for less. This man gave me a life changing experience and re-newed my faith in humanity. The arbitrator personally walked out to where I was with my attorney, shook my hand and said in all the years he’s been doing this he had never seen anything like it, his words were “its nothing short of a miracle ” the miracle was sent to me in the form of this wonderful attorney. Thanks Robert for your faith in my truth and in your abilities. Mine and my sons life have been forever changed.” -Nora D.



“I was in a bad car crash last winter and I didn’t know who to talk to. A friend of mine recommended that I call this firm because she had worked with them in the past. I’m very glad I did. A lawyer was always available to answer my calls and he was always open and honest with me about my options. I was also surprised with what I got from my settlement. Insurance company’s offer was a joke. Glad I called a lawyer to make them see straight.” -Joe S



“Good Professional and Gets the Job Done Quickly….” -Angela S.



“Cellino y Bañes es una oficina de abogados que te toma el caso y los califican como unos excelentes profesionales. Son muy eficientes en sus trabajo y son amables. Por eso los recomiendo a todas persona que tomen sus servicios. Lucas gracias de nuevo Cellino y Barnes.” –Andrés Delgado



“Great” -Linda B.



“Really people who cares others” -Ahmed M.



“My Experience with The lawyer Aybike Donuk was very professional, extremely knowledgeable, and a positive attitude. Thanks to the efforts of this dynamic team. I highly recommend Aybike Donuk from Cellino & Barnes. Thanks for excellent representation.” -Linda A.



“On August 10th Ross Cellino was gracious and kind enough to donate to Bobo’s Little Pre-school a bus so we the children could attend the circus. Ross Cellino cares about the community of Buffalo. He was approachable, kind, and thoughtful. I will forever and a day refer him to clients that need a phenomenal personal injury attorney because he truly cares about the community and people. Thank you so much. Bonita Whitlock and staff.” -Tamyara B.



“Two years ago my daughter’s vehicle was struck in Doylestown, PA. Rott was making an unlawful left turn and had underage passengers with him. My daughter suffered serious cartilage damage, and her car was totaled. Foolishly, we trusted the authorities and the insurance companies to do the right thing. [The driver’s] family proceeded to remove him from any legal responsibility whatsoever (although morally this coward will bear the shame forever), and then the insurance companies refused to honor the claims for medical costs. When we started getting dunning letters, a year afterward, I contacted Michael Cooper at Cellino & Barnes. Frankly, we didn’t give him much to go on. But he took action, and he recovered a modest amount that has helped to settle the outstanding debts. For his services he retained only a relatively small amount. Thank you, Mr Cooper, and may God bless you. Justice doesn’t always look the way you expect.” -Michael A.



“Wonderful From Intake to Settlement. Highly responsive and patient. Attorney Aybike Donuk and Her Staff Alma Mesa were highly professional and polite. The striking part is the constant flow of info and the honest conveience of facts was refreshing. My first ever needing Legal help and it was Excellent!!!” -F.E. M.



“Very thorough and fair.
My attorney Aybike Donuk was very knowledgeable” -Elaina K.



“Cellino and Barnes treated me very well after my accident. They (and my lawyer, Jordan Finkelstein) were supportive in so many ways: helping me navigate the complicated red tape of no-fault law, finding me medical providers when I was injured and traumatized and with no idea how to get care, and helping me negotiate a fair and speedy settlement. Jordan was also a compassionate source of emotional support in dealing with the aftermath of a car accident. I really couldn’t have asked for a better law team.” -Yasmin M.



“Great experience. Professional team. Lawyer was upfront, honest and returned emails and telephone calls in a timely manner. Happy with settlement! Would recommend.” -J.W.



“I was uncertain and afraid after being hit by a car on my way to work one summer morning. Yet Cellini and Barnes put my worries at ease. All of what I should expect and what would happen next and each part of the process was explained to me in simple terms . In addition, I was fully supported in making the best decision for my personal situation. After being hit I was unable to work and had to recover from surgery for several months. But I didn’t have to worry Celliano and Barnes helped my get all the out of work wages I was eligible for to Sustain myself without a regular paycheck. They also kept every promise made to me about my final award . I felt completely confident with Cellini and Barnes. I would recommend them time and time again. Thank you, Cellino and Barnes” -Stephanie E.



“It was a long process but Erica kept me updated and was always quick to reply to my emails and questions. Thank you for the hard work and great outcome!” -Carol G.



“Great Attorneys!!” -Miguel R.



“Alex was awesome, we felt he had our best interest at heart. We knew we could call anytime and he’d get back to us to answer our questions. Thanks so much for your service.” -Kwana W.



“Wonderful was my care from Cellino and Barnes all of my legal concerns were, adhered to efficiently once, Mr.Jordan Finklestein took over my case he is an amazing, attorney that I would highly recommend and Ms. Sierra his paralegal goes above and beyond in her care for the client needs. This is an awesome team!” -Felicia M.



“Igor is absolutely the best. Got my settlement in under a year. The office staff is very polite and the office always smells so good. Would definitely recommend to others.” -Armelinda R.



“Great team to work with. Help process of my accident pleasant. Igor Grichanik did a great job to get the results we needed.” -Joel D.



“Great people. I would recommend 100%. Always there for you and very helpful. Make the Call.. My name is Muminov.. and Erika and Oliver and whole team helped greatly.” -U.M.



“Aybike Donuk and Alma Meza worked hard on my behalf to win a large settlement for my hit and run accident. They are both smart, amazing women who are super reliable and who made the process very easy and accessible for me. Thank you Alma & Aybike!” -Natalie J.



“Cellino & Barnes in my opinion, excelled in representing me successfully with my legal case and pecuniary interests. I commend Mr. A. Bouganim for always being diligent and keeping me informed with the development of the case. Thank you, Mr.&Mrs. Alvarez” -Ruben A.



“Igor Grichanik at Cellino and Barnes is a great attorney. He always answered my questions and got me good money.” -Larisa M.



“I had a wonderful experience with Cellino & Barnes. My attorney Princess Tate-Burriss was in constant communication with me and made sure I understood each step. Princess and her paralegal Amaryllis made the whole process stress free! Hopefully I will never need to utilize another attorney for an accident however if I do, Princess Tate-Burriss will be the one I call.” -Aisha F.



“Attorney Aybike Donuk was very professional and detailed. She responds quickly to your calls. Her assistant is also very diligent and professional. I felt very comfortable and trusting of the firm. I will recommend them to anyone that asks.” -Linett D.



“Jordan S. Finkelstein represented me in my accident and did everything in his power to make sure that I was taking cared of the situation. He always responded back when ever I called and if not that day then definitely the next day” -Andreas V.



“I must say that my experience with Cellino and Barnes was not only amazing but extremely impressive. Their level of professionalism and patience was refreshing. The guidance provided while going through one of the hardest moments in life was appropriated. I recommend Cellino and Barnes to anyone and everyone who is looking for a firm that values their clients, while providing top notch legal services. I highly recommend Mr Jordan Finkelstein and Ciera Lomax as your power team of choice. I feel blessed to have had them both in my corner through it all.” -Priscilla T.



“I was in a terrible accident with an uninsured driver, when my auto insurance finally settled with me it became a bit of a struggle with the state. My lawyer Sandy Fazili was always quick to respond to calls and emails. Himself as well Ross Celino were very sympathetic to my plight and went above and beyond to make sure I received the most compensation possible. Although the series of events that put me in their law offices was awful, I couldn’t be happier with quality of service I received and the overall outcome. I am so greatful I made the decision to seek representation from the law offices of Celino and Barns and found so a wonderful and knowledgeable lawyer in Sandy Fazili.” -Jake D.



“My Experience with The lawyer Aybike Donuk was very professional, extremely knowledgeable, and a positive attitude. Thanks to the efforts of this dynamic team. I highly recommend Aybike Donuk from Cellino & Barnes. Thanks for excellent representation.” -Linda B.



“Jordan Finklestein & Ciera Lomax were the perfect 1-2 punch needed to make my case go as smooth as as possible. I highly recommend them!” -Berny L.



“Aybike Donuk is was of the best Attonery I work with. She stayed in contact with me during my case and made sure I receive the best medical treatment possible. I say-it was worth every cent. Cellino and Barnes has some of the best Attonery. And I highly recommend Aybike Donuk. She is the best.” -Deodat R.



“I highly recommend personal injury attorney Alex Bouganim at Cellino & Barnes. He was extremely knowledgeable, kind and courteous through the whole process of my case. He directed me to the necessary personnel to help with my injuries and guided me every step of the way. At no time did I ever feel pressured or forced into any uncomfortable situations at any time. He’s truely genuine and an expert at his firm. Best personal injury lawyer in his work field. Thank you Cellino & Barnes for choosing Alex as my personal injury attorney.” -Mel D.



“I’m very pleased to have meet attorney Alex Bouganim from cellino & barnes. I was hit by a car in june 2017.i want to thank you Alex Bouganim for all you have done for me and family! You are the best! Very professional caring. Cellino & barnes 5 stars” -Raymond M.



“Melissa was awesome! Listened to everything judgement free about my surgery mess and was a great help, And answered all of my questions!! Thank you for everything! I greatly appreciate it!!” -Alicia D.



“Cellino & Barnes is the best law firm to go to hands down. My attorney Igor grachanic did everything there was to do and more. He got me way more then then the insurance offered. He showed consistency through the whole case and kept me informed of everything that was going on. God forbid you get into an accident, call cellino & Barnes and ask for Igor. He’s the best at this.” -S.A.



“Igor Grichanik got me much more money then the insurance company offered, and he did it quick even though they tried to deny that the accident happined.” -Kenny S.



“Wonderful & clean atmosphere. Staff and attorney was very honest and helpful. No complaints at all. Thank you Cellino & Barnes. Thank you John Looney ❤” -Latreona P.



“Great people helping great people!
They’re there when I needed them!
Thank you for everything!
When there seemed to be no hope you pulled through.
I’ll be calling again if ever I need your help.” -Paul Z.



“I count,u trust,I know they are very honest and go straight to the point..the one the best for you and me…. wonderful costumer service and the lawyer’s are great.” -Milly L.



“Very attentive staff, especially princess Tate” -Sandy W.



“Stephen Ciocca is fantastic & so helpful.” -Ashley B.



“I was very happy with the outcome if my case. Stephen Ciocca and Diane Hirsch are absolutely amazing. I highly recommend them both.” -Louise M.



“Aybike Donuk was and still is very supportive and she answered and explained everything I asked…she is Amazing” -Charles B.



“Cellino and Barnes are a great company. Dan Caffrey and Georgette were absolutely amazing. Both were so compassionate and caring! I would highly recommend them for your legal needs!” -Robin B.



“Melissa Purcell at Cellino and Barnes is one of the most patient as well as informed attorneys I have ever spoken with. She listened to what I had to say without interrupting me. After I finished speaking, about 30-35 minutes, she gave me the valuable information I needed and didn’t charge me a penny. Afterwards I needed more help and again she answered my questions and directed my path. Now I am going forward with confidence Thank you Melissa Purcell & Thank you Cellino and Barnes…” -Ruth D.



“Denis Bastible and Woody Harzewski have been great and are very attentive.” -Raymond M.



“Abbykay is an excellent attorney who cares about her clients. I highly recommend Celino and Barnes, as well as my attorney.” -Kenneth K.



“Everything was pretty simple and straightforward when I got all of my case info submitted. I always got my questions answered on the phone and by email pretty quick. Definitely recommend.” -Brenton G.



“Dear Mr. Cellino and Mr. Barnes, I would like to thank you and your staff for the wonderful way my settlement was handled. I greatly appreciated all you have done for me. Thank you again.” -A Google User



“After a terrible car accident, Celino and Barnes was recommended to me by an attorney who is not affiliated with the firm. Alex Bourganim was my attorney. He handled my case and me with absolute professionalism and care. He returned phone calls promptly and kept me apprised of everything that was happening. My settlement was considerable and fair.
I highly recommend my attorney and the firm. Sometimes, I feel these large firms get a bad reputation for being uncaring and self serving. I found none of this to true. They were awesome and fair. My daughter, who is an attorney, was thrilled with how they handled every aspect of my case.
Thanks Alex!” -Olivia L.



“They did an amazing job helping my friend after her car accident. I recommend them to anyone if they’ve been hurt and need help getting money for medical treatments.” -Christine R.

Client Thanks

I would like to thank your firm for representing our family on behalf of my late husband. This whole process was, at times, difficult for us and sometimes painful. But, we were always in good hands as Brian and Maria are two of the hardest working and sincerest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. They did a tremendous job.

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