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Top 5 Motorcycle Injuries in Manhattan

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Motorcycle injury lawyers in Manhattan stand up for hurt bikers

NEW YORK — People ride motorcycles for the sheer enjoyment of the freedom it allows them to experience that is unattainable through any other form of transportation. Unfortunately, this freedom comes at a steep cost. Motorcyclists run considerable risk as they have nowhere near the protection of people riding cars, trucks, and even subways and buses.

Riding a motorcycle on the bustling streets of Manhattan is even more challenging when you consider the congestion and aggressive drivers for which the city is known. Cyclists can face life-threatening injuries when they become involved in a crash.

If you’ve been hurt in a motorcycle accident in Manhattan, you may consider discussing your accident with a motorcycle injury lawyer who can help you work through the debt these accidents typically bring. When you pursue a personal injury claim, the goal is to acquire — at the very least — sufficient compensation to cover all medical bills.

Below are some of the most common motorcycle injuries that plague Manhattan motorcyclists.

Road Rash

Road rash or “road burn” is perhaps the #1 injury motorcycle riders sustain when they get knocked off their bikes upon impact. Road rash causes abrasions of the skin when the rider slides across the rough asphalt of the road. It is an extremely painful injury that may cause permanent damage to the skin and scarring. Infections may develop if road rash is not treated promptly or if small debris becomes trapped in the wound. Extreme cases of road rash may require reconstructive surgery or skin grafting.

Muscle Damage

Muscle strains occur when the motorcycle rider’s arms or legs hit the ground. The impact may be so severe that damage to the muscles may require physical therapy and rehabilitation. In some cases, there may be permanent damage. Riders must protect vital muscles at all times by wearing the proper protective gear on every ride.

Leg Injuries

The legs and feet are exceptionally vulnerable in a motorcycle accident. Injuries to these areas of the body may not be fatal, but they may lead to permanent disability without immediate and consistent medical care and physical therapy. Fractured bones in the legs and feet are common, as well as large cuts, scrapes, or road rash in these areas. It’s crucial to wear thick clothing and over the most vulnerable areas and to wear the proper footwear.

Biker’s Arm

When a person is thrown off of his motorcycle, his instinct is to soften the impact of the fall by putting down his arm. This ultimately leads to the arm sustaining more damage than other parts of the body. The nerves in the arms may sustain significant damage which may become permanent. Protective gear like leather jackets and elbow pads can reduce the risk of a bad case of Biker’s Arm.

Head and Spinal Cord Injuries

Your head and spinal cord are incredibly important. Your head houses the most complex organ in your entire body — your brain. Your spinal cord connects to the brainstem of your brain and relays vital messages to and from all your other body parts. When either of these structures is damaged, it could spell drastic hardships.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the most commonly-suffered injuries. A sharp blow to the head can bruise the brain and trigger a variety of unpleasant symptoms such as behavioral changes, mood swings, difficulties speaking, thinking, and heightened sensitivity to light and sound. People may also experience persistent headaches, blurred vision, seizures, nerve injuries, or ringing in the ears. Severe brain damage may also be fatal.

The spinal cord is a bundle of nerves that runs down the center of the back. Injuries to the spinal cord interrupt the signals it carries between your body and brain. When you damage your spinal cord, you run the risk of becoming paralyzed in one or more areas of the body. A spinal cord injury may lead to the permanent loss of strength, sensation, and function below the site of the injury. These injuries often require long-term medical care and rehabilitation.

Manhattan Motorcycle Accident Lawyers on Your Side

No one anticipates the exorbitant costs of medical treatment after an accident. That’s why at Cellino & Barnes, our dedicated motorcycle injury lawyers in Manhattan strive to help you recover every cent of medical bills and more. The damages you may be entitled to after an accident may also include lost wages, lost work ability, and pain and suffering.

Contact our law firm for a free case review.

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